Friday, September 30, 2022

Big Hollywood director shoots a parody ad for Chevron

 And it is funny as hell (but too true).

This is rather asinine

 So... I personally would not announce this.

Look, the USA does not have an Ambassador to Italy. And hasn't had one for 18 months since Biden was elected. The local Italian Chargé d'Affaires has been representing the US since Jan 4, 2021. In fact, in these past 18 months even the Chargé d'Affaires has been replaced by a new one. 

As for the "not important" argument... Italy has just elected a self-proclaimed semi-fascist Prime Minister. 

This is not a great place to be. 

So to have the administration promote an Ambassador for Plants and Animals seems particularly tone deaf.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Silly to dunk on Maggie Haberman

Maggie Haberman is a a very good reporter from the New York Times. She is soon to release a book about Trump which includes a number of interviews with him. One of the reasons this is coming out now is because a story is in the book about how Trump took documents to Mara Lago and he knew it was wrong / illegal.

Many people are jumping all over Ms. Haberman because she never told anyone about this crime. And they feel it would have changed the game.

Really? The first time he admitted to an illegal act was when he fired James Comey. It was just a few months after he was elected and I remember Michael Che on SNKL saying, "It's over right? That's it? Donald Trump, the President, admitted to a crime. Can we all go home now?"

But no, it wasn't over.

It wasn't over when he admitted to campaign fraud. It wasn't over when he admitted to illegal sexual extortion. It wasn't over when he blackmailed blue states over Covid funds. It wasn't over when he illegally broke the Constitution's emoluments laws. It wasn't over when he blackmailed NATO, Montenegro and illegally extorted Ukraine for arms to lie about Hunter Biden. 


What makes anyone think this one thing would have made any difference?

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Two Stories About Homework (1 now and 1 to come)

Both Ed and I have a couple of horrible stories about school and homework. Apologies to Lisa and Phil...

Scott's story first: 

Growing up I was told by my Grandfather that homework is designed to make sure you understood the assigned work. And it was busy work for dummies (my Grandfather called anyone who wasn't me or him dummies). Now my Grandfather was a bit crazy, but he was also a child psychologist, so he did know his shit about school. In fact, he taught continuing education to my teachers because he was so good.

Then in my Junior Year of High School, I had an Algebra II teacher who gave homework. I asked why and he explained homework the same way as my Grandfather did. His answer was also, to make sure you understand the lesson. And, I got 95 - 100% on all my tests. ALL of them. So I didn't do the homework. I was following both people's advice.

My teacher asked why I didn't do it, and I repeated what he had said - it was just to help learn.  By getting A's on the weekly test, I proved that I did understand the work. And his NEW answer was that homework was 10% of the grade. And I explained, that isn't what he said homework was for. We agreed to disagree, I thought!

Then, he sent home an "unsatisfactory" letter to my parents about 1/2 through the term. Deanna, charming bitch she was, claimed I was getting a D in class. I explained that it was a B not a D and she accused me of lying and changing the letter on the unsat notice! Seriously, on something that was so easy to check. I explained to her why I was getting the B and she still told me I was wrong. She was even more infuriated that I didn't back down. 

I do get her annoyance because I always backed down to her and my father's asinine requests. I got the old "wait until you father comes home" lecture from her, and I was unfazed.

Later that evening, after "my father got hime" all three of us had a discussion where I reiterated my reasoning. They tried to scare me by saying they would "call the school" because "no teacher sends an unsat notice home for B work." I happily agreed to have them call. School was kind of my safe space and so, fuck off. I did not say this. I stayed in my room and tried to understand why they thought I would lie.

Seriously tried to understand. I had worked hard since the divorce not to lie. I didn't always tell the full story because it only lead to my father ignoring my concerns and pushing harder. I would rather not say, no I won't call your new girlfriend "mom" and have him force me to, than just do what he asked.

So obviously, the next night, they did NOT apologize to me after calling my teacher. They simply told me that the grade was, in fact, a B. To which I might have said, "I told you!" 

But they insisted that I had to start doing homework. Once again, I explained what the teacher had explained at the beginning of the year. Inexplicably to me, I was told just to do my homework. The next day I returned my unsat notice, now signed by both of my parents (under duress also singed by Deanna). I told my teacher it was unfair and my parents were being the crazy about it, thanks a lot. And he seemed smugly satisfied.

And so I did my stupid as homework, as told to. And Deanna checked it, gleeful that she had won. 

And I did not hand it in. Ever. 

The teacher asked me once why I still didn't do my homework, and I showed it to him. And he asked why I didn't turn it in. I explained, politely, that his complaint was that I didn't DO he homework. I was not written up in an unsat notice because I didn't turn it in, but because I hadn't done it.

He was not happy, but did not write another unsat. He explained it was still 10% of my grade, and I would get a B. I explained that I did not care. And Deanna sat like the cat that ate the canary and checked my work. When she lost interest, about 1 week after checking my work nightly, I continued to do it and I continued to ask her to check it. Every night. And it was Algebra II so neither she nor my father understood what it was and took forever to check it, until she just looked and waved it away.

So yes, it did shut Deanna up because I gave her the only thing she cared about, a show of dominance over me. I never told my father or Deanna that I didn't hand the homework in. But that wasn't what they demanded (and checked) that I do - and they never expressed any interest in the class past my homework. Not my tests, not my grades. Nothing!

And people say I am stubborn.

And yes, the teacher gave me an A - with no homework ever turned in. And I never took another math class anywhere ever again.

The Story of the "Florida Man"

"Karen" has come to mean entitled and racist white women - NOT all white women, just the most hateful and cruel.

In the same way the "Florida Man" describe a certain kind of stupid ass Floridian who does things like tease alligators, lose a finger holding fireworks and off roads into a lake. And this:



The unending responsibilities of the job of American President. Nuc's, joblessness and this.

That "job", being President.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Cheating at Chess by using Anal Beads

 Hummm... This is a weird one. During a chess championship, a kid from America, Hans Niemann beat a couple of guys including a grand champion and current World Champion Magnus Carlson. 

The next time they met, Magnus walked away, saying he would not play a cheater. Now, there is no good way to cheat at a Championship match in person. Although Hans has admitted to cheating online twice, he blames that on his youth and says he cheats no more.

There is no proof provided other than to say Hans cheated and no easy way to do it. So the chess community devised a way for Hans to cheat. Again, with zero proof, they suggest remote controlled anal beads.


This would require someone or an AI to watch the match, and then be able to provide detailed instructions via balls up his ass. One assumes that remote anal beads are now a thing. But to use some anal (2? 4? more?) beads seems tough to do. Can you really figure out WHEN to move one of 16 different pieces and WHERE to move them to? It seems highly unlikely.

But the thought of someone using anal beads to cheat is both an impressive piece of conspiracy theory AND funny as hell. Reviewing the game tape, we see no change on Hans' face. I just think anal bead vibration would have some effect on his expression.

We're going way back...

Does anyone else remember The Wild World of Sports on ABC? It was an "anthology" sports show on ABD usually on Sunday afternoons.

This was back in the olden days when only CBS and NBC had football, so this was counter-programing with off the wall sports. Now my father was not a big football fan, so if we watched anything that was on the Wide World of Sports. Oddly, it introduced me to a bigger world. 

I first remember wanting to travel with the coverage of the Mexican Cliff Diving. It was a yearly stable of the station. The also showed bizarre sports (at the time) including the first national coverage of NASCAR, coverage of gymnastics, Scottish Highland games, and (my favorite) demolition derbies, anong many many others.

I looked it up in Wikipedia, and it started being broadcast in 1968 and ended in 1998. It became redundant when cable TV channels started broadcasting anything it could get its on. ESPN in particular.

Anyway, I thought of it last night. Don't know why.

Monday, September 26, 2022

No Sex, No Violence... Only Women Learning : BANNED

 Lest we all forget why these assholes are banning books, let's take a look at the series of books recently banned in Pennsylvania.

"Evil" Books Banned in Pennsylvania (and others)

Girls Who Code

These books were created in order to help girls learn they can be computer programers. But, by suggesting that women can do "men's work", it has been banned. Note, there is no sex. There is no violence. There is no sexual content of any kind. Just women learning. 


It could be because the cover has a variety of races and looks of American girls. Pennsylvania thinks this multicultural view of America is something to ban.

Good Grief. LINK

On the drive back I pulled over near the Metro North station of Harlem Valley / Wingdale

I was driving through New York a bit north of Brewster (where "That Girl" s parents lived). At one point there was an old building near the train station. In fact, it is an abandoned power station and metro north uses the parking lot for commuters.

 I thought it was cool.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Republican National Committee just released their version of the Contract With America

 Ever since Newt Gingrich released the Republican "Contract with America", Republicans have been trying to reignite that fire. For my Brit friends, the "Contract with America" pledged the Republicans would do a bunch of things, and led to a mid-term wipe out of Democrats.

Now, if that was their contract or just a massive mid-term loss for Democrats at the height of the Clinton scandal is up for debate. What is not up for debate is they have chased that model ever since.

But in releasing this year's version, they seem to have made a small misstep...

Meanwhile their new contract includes:

  • Privatizing Education
  • Overturn the Affordable Care Act (medical support)
  • Force private internet social media (Facebook, twitter, TikTok, etc) to carry lies and violent content
  • Increase fossil fuel output
  • Stop inflation (no way explanation on HOW do this, just a promise)
  • Prevent illegal immigration (ooookay)
  • Support hiring 200,000 more cops (passed recently by Democrats)
  • Pass laws to outlaw all abortion
  • Reduce laws where government controls human bodies (except, you know, abortion because women's bodies don't count)
  • Reduce gun restrictions (? - What's left?)
  • Require the President to answer for it's incompetence at home and abroad (in the short term, until a Republican is elected)

I am sure you want to know how the cars are doing

So, I am positive you want to know how the cats are doing, so I thought I would send some pics.

They are not being particular lovable, but they are getting used to us....

Here is one relaxing on a shelf

Here they are relaxing on and by the couch

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Good Bye Roger

Roger Federer is a beautiful tennis player in so many ways. He was one that I was lucky to see play live quite often. Watching on television before I saw him, he was not my favorite. He didn't have the fun / crazy temperament of Leyton. He didn't have the sexual magnetism of Rafa. He didn't seem to have the energy of the old greats or the up and coming Novak.

But then I saw him live. Effortless. Quite confident without being full of himself. More handsome in public than expected. More gracious during commercial time outs than I ever saw on TV. But it was his tennis that was a revelation in person. He was powerful grace. He was deadly accurate. He was truly a joy to watch. In person his athleticism was unmatched. Overwhelmed occasional, but unmatched. 

I love Rafa Nadal. I love him for a million reasons. Not the least of the reasons (albeit nowhere near the most important) was Rafa and Roger's competitive spirit, rivalry - first fierce, then competitive, then friendly and competitive. 

But Roger. Where Rafa slid, Roger glided. Where Novak worked his off off, Roger danced on the baseline. Roddick's  135 mph powerful serve often overpowered opponents, Roger answered with more ease than anyone else. 

Simply put (again) Roger was a joy to watch in person!, And he was a gentlemen off the court. Once, in Cincinnati I saw Roger load his wife and twins (the first set) into his car and drive off himself. Nearly everyone I had ever seen at a tourney had a tournement driver, and a tournement car. Mercedes insisted on sending  one of their cars no matter where Roger played (the perks of being great). And Roger drove himself. Most idols disappoint a little bit in person. Roger did not.

I wanted Roger to be gay - and his super warm friendship with Gavin Rossdale (Gwen Stefani's bisexual husband - then ex-husband) gave me hope. Not because Roger was handsome or famous, but because he is the kind of guy that brings respect to your team. And I wanted him on our team.

His respect for the fans and the game was manifest last night. After 14 months of not playing due to a series of operations on a 41 year old body - in a sport where the current #1 player is 19 - Roger was ready to retire.

And for his last game, he asked that he only play doubles and he play with Rafael Nadal, his first and toughest opponent. To see them play and smile was the best send off one could hope for. Okay a win would have been nice too, but it was as close as can be and never boring. :-)

Somehow, without ever a big changing, Roger became a bit of a hero and a favorite of mine. And, last night watching on TV, more than a single tear came to my eye as I watched his play and his heartfelt goodbye. I had zero idea I would feel this way. But I did and it makes me smile now.

Rafa will go down as a hero too. But Roger... But both are gentlemen in an age where histrionics, bragging and screaming are the norm. They transcended simple hometown rooting to be gentlemen of the world, loved by so many.

Thank you Roger. I will miss you.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

What else do you call them?

 I mean they:

  • can't pass a law to protect abortion rights, even 60+% of Americans want it.
  • can't pass a background check law to buy a gun
  • can't pass a automatic weapons ban
  • won't approve or disapprove of Climate Targets
  • can't pass a law to protect gay marriage
  • can't pass car mileage requirements
  • can't pass legislation to protect voting rights
  • couldn't convict impeachment of Trump after two different crimes were committed
  • had over a quarter of the House vote to not certify a legal election
  • claim wildfires are caused by: 
    • space lasers
    • not raking the forest
    • liberals
  • refuse to fund the policies they decree
  • ceded the Constitutional Requirement to declare war to the Legislative branch
So what do you call these clowns?

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?


What's the Sahel? And why do I care?

 The deadliest terrorist actions right now are happening in an area called the Sahel in Africa. If you don't know what it is, then you don't know why it is a hot sport.  And is it important to us Americans? 

Answers abound, but let us start with the last question first. Is it important to us Americans? 

Select to Expand

As moral human beings, kinda - but it is just another place where war and history combine to kill 8,000 people due to terrorism so far this year. While it is sad, over 32,000 people in the United States during the same period due to gun deaths - breaking down to about 15,000 via homicide, murder and crime, and another 17,500 by gunshot suicides. So on big world scale of death, not so much.

As political Americans, yes.  More than 1/3 of all terrorism deaths are from this region. The three countries governments have all fallen repeatedly to be replaced by more authoritarian regimes - which leads to more people disenfranchised, which leads to more terrorism which lead to more authoritarian measures and on and on. As we have learned, expanding terrorist networks are not good for America in the long run - no matter where they are.

So, what is the Sahel? The Sahel is an area south of the Sahara Desert in Africa. It is where the emptiness of the Sahara begins to grow, mainly via sporadic rain and the great river that runs through it - Niger - bringing water to the area. 

Depending on the year, the Sahel shrinks and expands across the Sahara region based on rainfall. At least historically. During the late 1960 / early 1970s, the Sahel contracted due to prolonged drought. Drought lead to over grazing by farmed animals. Overgrazing lead to desertification. 

But this was a periodic weather change and while a humanitarian issue, it was not terribly abnormal. In good news from that period the medical and sanitary strides meant increased lifespan and lower infant mortality rates for the people of the Sahel. In the side-effect news, the Sahel suddenly had many more people than in the past, and had them at the time the desert was growing. Smaller wars and skirmishes occurred for decades over more and more scarce resources.

Decades later, more rain, less dependence on subsistence farming, and stable populations brought some stability to the region.

And then (always an "and then") came the long term climate that increased desertification through the region. With less wealth and goods to share among a larger populace, local leaders and warlords directed more wealth to their friends, supporters, and armies. This makes the people grow restless and therefore can be more easily be recruited by opposition, of which Islamic fighters are the most powerful.

For a decades or so, the political changes were held in abeyance by French "peacekeepers" who came at the request of the countries - they were french colonies until the 1960s. American elite anti-terrorism troops and logistic centers went in in the 2000s. When these foreign troops were killed, the home countries discovered that these wars were not popular when the public found out. And so they left.

Since the French and Americans pulled out civilian deaths, terrorist killings and civil wars have increased yearly. From a few hundred in 2014 to over 7,500 so far this year.

So the Sahel shrinks, the population suffers, terrorism grows and people die. The constant low level terrorism of the early 2000s has grown in both area and deaths.

Climate change did not cause this, but has exacerbated the situation politically. 

It is a problem that will only spread. The "it", in this case, being increased competition over fewer resources.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

It's Officially Stupid Season

We now enter the Stupid Season of our Elections

All of our state primaries are over. Now we enter the last month and a half until the mid-term elections. For my non-Americans, "Mid-Terms" are when there are National Elections are held for all the seats in the  House of Representatives, but not the Presidential race.

Aside below**

Anywho, as we get closer and closer to the election, the crazy rises to the top. 

One cannot let this nincompoopery get to one or one will go even crazier with annoyance, anger and apathy. 

Seriously, I could quote the many crazy ass things coming out of candidates mouth's but we would be here for far too long. ***

Instead I have entered the five stages of election grief.

  1. Denial    They can't really believe that can they?
  2. Anger    Those assholes better not do that!
  3. Bargaining    Well, he's a serial killer and kicks puppies, but at least he isn't Trump.
  4. Depression    Fine. I'm going to take a Xanex. Call me in 2024.
  5. Acceptance   Maybe they won't gut all our rights.

To quote from my previous post, "Oh the Pain"

In this post, I planned to quote some stupid ass candidates, but it is too painful. Let me summarize. "We hate you all." The "we" and the "all" in this case are dependent on who is talking.

** In retrospect the founding fathers (that's what we call the writers of the Constitution, because we can't remember their names) were a little naive. The House of Representatives is voted on every 2 years because they wanted to ensure the Representatives are answerable to the voters. In reality, 95% of the House of Representative members that run again are elected over and over, and a substantially lower number (near absolute zero) are actually interested in what normal voters think.

*** And, while I think Republicans are crazier than Democrats, there is plenty of crazy to go around for all.

As Dr. Smith would say, "Oh.. the pain ..."

Of course you don't remember this quote. It was from the original Lost In Space back when color TV was new and dinosaurs walked the earth. Lost In Space hit our screens (the 19 inch one with rabbit ears) a year before Start Trek. And it was a vision of the future, with a kid about our age. Poor Will ("Danger Will Robinson! Danger!) even had to put up with annoying older sister Bridgette - no wait, that was her name in Sound of Music. Older sister Penny.

But I digress. What I want to say is that there are certain lines in life that aren't world shattering, but kind of are.

Lines like

  • Fine. We'll take Scott, but then we get to go first.
  • Scott, you cover Mondo.
  • No, you can't wear boxers. No, I don't care what the other boys in gym are wearing. Well, if you want them you have to buy them yourself.
  • It's okay. It happens to everyone.
  • Wow, that was quick.

To which we can now add this. When a newish friend looks are a picture of you - which you think you still exactly looks like yourself - and says something to the effect of...

That can't really be you! Wow, you look so .... different.

(And yes, that is in reference to the entry below...)

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

And we're going way back....

 Lisa sent me this yesterday.  It is so cute! It is from early 1996....

Hard to believe right. We haven't aged at all!!!


 As you know, I walk Junie, a tiny bundled of energy who is a mix of Yorkie and Maltese. The other day the owner took a picture of me and then put it on a mug. Here is the original picture. She did well.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Why I am addicted to advice columns

 Where else to you get this besides odd ass advice columns?

Dear How to Do It,

I’m a man in his 40s who lives in a large building that started off as one massive home, got converted into a triplex, and then further broken down into smaller units. It works well for us residents, since most of us are part of a single group relationship, and the easy access facilitates a lot of things in our “polycule.” There’s some friction between us, but less than I imagine you’d get with a randomly selected group of the same size (nine adults, to be clear).

Two weeks ago, my adult son, “Robert,” who is 21, came over to visit. While he was here, he apparently slept with “Amanda,” a 34-year-old woman. They didn’t advertise their sexual activities but didn’t really try to hide it either. As far as I know, they had not met prior, but they hit it off pretty quickly when he came over.


PS the advice writer said that it was fine to be upset about this, but not fine to be upset AT anyone. Because he did not define what is out of bounds previously, it was okay. Now, she should have seen this a boundary in any case (sayth the columnist), but maybe she didn't so. Get over it.

The Heil Q Salute Spreads

So, after I assumed this as a Crazy Donald only thing, turns out it has spread. Here that same Hitlerian Salute is at a Doug Mastriano rally. He is he Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania. He is losing by 10 points, with 9% undecided. But polls tend to undercount MAGA votes, so who knows.

If you want to see Mastriano actually call for the salute, you can here on youtube.

And now, for something completely different

 Eddie and I saw "See How They Run" this weekend (it's a movie). It is both a parody of and an actual comedy / mystery. The setting is a group of actors and money men trying to make movie about the preparations for a movie about the play The Mousetrap. It is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

For those of you unaware, The Mousetrap is an Agatha Christie written mystery the ran on stage in London. I should say running, present tense. The Mousetrap has been on the London Stage since 1954. Yes, nearly 70 years.

Interestingly, Ms. Christie signed a contract that allowed a "The Mousetrap" movie to be made, but only 6 months after the play closed. And the play has still not closed!

This movie takes a ton of inside mystery movie jokes and tropes and skewers them very well. Sam Rockwell is great, as he always is. Adrian Brodie and the rest of the cast are excellent. But it is Saoirse Ronan that is the most surprising comedic. She is great as Inspector Stalker, who is a bit starstruck everyone in the cast.

It is funny in general, but super funny if you have seen a few Agatha Christie mysteries like Death on the Nile, Murder on the Orient Express, Evil Under the Sun or Ten Little Indians. More than a few of us issued loud, embarrassing laughs at many points.

I thought we were done with this...

 I thought we were done with the gay marriage debate, but... 

If book banning of LGBT books worked... 

And if demonizing trans children worked...

And if the Constitutional right to abortion (based on the right to privacy) worked...

... but this, quote Republican politicians, this could never work. Great then, I have nothing to fear.

Never say fucking never.

The actual text of the email after the jump..

Not at all disturbing

A bit of justification here. I am trying not to discuss exPres Orange on blogger, but this is more about his sycophant followers.

Seriously, this is not at all disturbing. Trump had a rally for an Ohio Senatorial candidate and, at the end of his rally, the unofficial "Q" theme song played. It is a variation on the WWG1WGA theme, which is "Q" for "Where We Go 1, We Go All".

Now the song is not new. But what is new is the hand/ arm gesture of holding a straight arm up with a single finer at the end. This was thrown by nearly all on the floor of the rally. Those that were not holding the arms up like Heil Hitler salute, they threw the upside down "okay" finger gesture of White Power.

The parallels are fucking scary as hell.

What has years (ok decades) done to my cursive?

 Remember cursive writing. You might remember because there is a font for it.

This a cursive font, is a fair representation of cursive itself.

I bring this up for a reason. I am trying to edit a document I have typed and printed. The document is multiple pages long and I am editing and rewriting. This process is easier for me when I edit with hand written notes. Of course there is the problem of spelling, but that will be fixed when I make the edits.

I found that what has happened is that the muscles used in cursive writing haven't been used in a while.And they don't hold up like they should. Trying writing pages of notes up in cursive. Seriously, your thumb will hurt. It sounds stupid, but is totally true (except for teachers who must mark up up students work with hand written notes - I get that Phil and Lisa.)

Weird huh?

I have also heard, even though I don't know if it is true, that some schools are begin to phase out cursive. I get it, but it will render many old documents and letters illegible to the majority of the population. If you don't believe me, look at some of the names and info in old census forms. If those of schooled in cursive can barely read that, image future investigators. Cursive will become like "shorthand". Finding a person that can read shorthand is near impossible.

For those of you that don't know what shorthand was, it was an abbreviated cursive system for secretaries to "take a letter" for a boss.  Per Wikipedia:

...a method of rapid writing by means of abbreviations and symbols, used especially for taking dictation. The major systems of shorthand are those devised in 1837 by Sir Isaac Pitman and in 1888 by John R. Gregg (1867–1948).

My grandmother could write shorthand, but it is a lost art now. Reading someone else's writing is even tougher.

It is worst than hieroglyphics. 

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Remember Dan Quayle - Andy Borowitz Does...

Ah, Dan Qualye. For those that don't know, or have blocked it out of there memory, Dan Qualye was George Bush I's Vice-President. A bit like Sarah Palin, Dan was a man with a point of view and an inability to say what it might be without stumbling over his own words.

Looking back, it is funny now how worked up we all were. Here is a sampling from "Profiles in Ignorance:How America's Politicians Got Dumb and Dumber" regarding young Dan. It was released 4 days ago (the book, not Dan Qualye).

Dan Quayle on Education

“Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our children.”

“We’re going to have the best-educated American people in the world.”

“You take the United Negro College Fund model—that what a waste it is to lose one’s mind, or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.”

Dan Quayle on Geography

“We have a firm commitment to Europe. We are a part of Europe.”

“I love California. I practically grew up in Phoenix.”

“It’s wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago.”

“The western part of Pennsylvania is very, uh, Midwestern. Midwestern. And the eastern part is more . . . east. Uh, the Midwest . . . Uh, Pennsylvania is a very important state, a big state. The western part is—Pennsylvania is a divided state, like Tennessee is divided into three parts. Pennsylvania is divided into two parts. You have western Pennsylvania and then you have eastern Pennsylvania.”

“Hawaii is a small state. It is a state that is by itself. It is a—it is different than the other forty-nine states. Well, all states are different, but it’s got a particularly unique situation.”

“Hawaii has always been a very pivotal role in the Pacific. It is in the Pacific. It is a part of the United States that is an island that is right here.”

Dan Quayle on Outer Space

“Space is almost infinite. As a matter of fact, we think it is infinite.”

“For NASA, space is still a high priority.”

“It’s time for the human race to enter the solar system.”

“Mars is essentially in the same orbit. Mars is somewhat the same distance from the Sun, which is very important. We have seen pictures where there are canals, we believe, and water. If there is water, that means there is oxygen. If oxygen, that means we can breathe.”

Dan Quayle on Family Values

“Illegitimacy is something we should talk about in terms of not having it.”

“Republicans understand the importance of bondage between parent and child.”

Dan Quayle on Politics

“This election is about who’s going to be the next President of the United States.”

“One word sums up probably the responsibility of any Vice-President, and that one word is ‘to be prepared.’ ”

Dan Quayle, Master Detective

“When I have been asked during these last weeks who caused the riots and the killing in L.A., my answer has been direct and simple. Who is to blame for the riots? The rioters are to blame. Who is to blame for the killings? The killers are to blame.”

Dan Quayle, Time Traveller

“The real question for 1988 is whether we’re going to go forward to tomorrow, or past to the . . . to the back.”

“I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future.”

“The future will be better tomorrow.”

“The Holocaust was an obscene period in our nation’s history. I mean, in this century’s history. But we all lived in this century. I didn’t live in this century.”

And, finally, Zen Quayle:

“Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things.”

“We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur.”

“I stand by all the misstatements that I’ve made.”

Fostering Two Cats for a couple of weeks

 So, Tommy and Teddy' owner is in the hospital. After a couple of weeks of people going into the woman's apartment to clean the cat box and feed them (I did this twice), PAWS wanted them fostered because the owner will be in the hospital for another few weeks.

The Terrible Two: Teddy and Tommy (no idea which is which).

Let me say this about my mother and my friends, all of them said "I should let them come out on their own and take time to let them warm up to us." I am offended that everyone thinks I am that impatient.

On a completely different note, did you know cats really don't like to be picked up and put on the couch for us to pet?

So known have two cats somewhere in the house (I think under the guest room bed). I know they are alive, because I have to clean the cat box (yuck). They are not particular engaging roommates.

The pictures above where from day 1.

Friday, September 16, 2022

I love it when it turns out I am NOT creepy

On Mindy Kaling's Netflix show Never Have I Ever... the lead is a kind of goofy girl in High School (based on Mindy Kaling) falls in love with the summer popular guy, Paxton Yoshida-Hall. And Paxton is dreamy. Seriously

High school leads in Never Have I Ever...

Now, I was feeling a bit gross eyeing a High Schooler, I mean that is pervy.

BUT, it turns out he played by Darrin Barnet. Darin is actually 31 now (29 when the show started). So I feel better.

Here are some instagram pictures of him. He is straight, but who cares, it's not like I putting the moves on him. And I told Ed he's cute (Ed agreed).

And one is definitely allowed to lust after someone who posts these pictures himself.

As for background, beautiful skin and lovely smile. His mom is Japanese and Swedish. His dad is German and Cherokee.

His grandfather was a fairly well known Band leader and music player named Charlie Barnet.

So Yesterday I went to walk Junie and...

Yesterday I was walking down 11th to get to Junie's house and walk her. And then, there on the sidewalk was a large dog just lying on the ground, refusing to move. Not waiting for anyone. Not smelling, just laying on his side on the sidewalk. A young woman patiently asking her to move, and getting more annoyed.

I looked over as I walked passed, and this medium sized dog had a wiry hair muzzle and I giggled. I turned and said to the woman, "So, part terrier, right?"

And she said, "He gets more damn terrier everyday." 

And I thought of Hastings, who laid down when he was done. And Trevor who just didn't move when annoyed.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Conservative speaks out about groomers - where there aren't any...

I get the Republicans and Religious Right have decided that LGBT+ community are "groomers". Teaching children about sex and gender from a young age to groom them for sex. And I get that a person steeped in Fox News and Republican talking points would say, as the man in the upper left image says, someone might kill an abuser.

However, if you actually look at the evidence, it seems to me that Pastors, Preachers, and religious Adult Youth Leaders are the ones they should be worried about. Unless grown men forcing sex on young females is okay because - you know - it was like that in the Bible. Because 12 - 13 year old women were taken as wives then and started having kids right away.

Let's look at the tapes for the last year.

As for Bill Donahue, leader of the catholic league, he said, "Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro Is Lying About Priests, "Victims Were Adolescents, Not Children" Which explains to me a lot about the Catholic Church problems.

Maybe Jodi, just maybe, your anti-immigrant stance is screwing your state

Jodi Ernst, Republican Senator from Iowa is complaining about - wait for it - low unemployment numbers. There aren't enough people for jobs in Iowa, particularly crappy farm, slaughtering and food processing jobs, which are going begging.

But a quick investigation finds that one main cause of problems is one she and her Republican colleagues have helped to cause. 

One problem exacerbating the hiring problems is the ani-immigrant, anti-brown skinned people crusade the Republicans have waged for the last 10 years. In Iowa 11% of the work force is hispanic migrants or the first generation children of these migrants. Why stay where people line up to hate you? Another 2% of Iowan workers are undocumented immigrants. 

With an unemployment rate of 2.25%, Iowa needs workers. A solution seems to be to document these workers, either as temporary or green card holders. But that is unacceptable in the Republican party, so she just bitches. Seriously, she complains that there are TOO MANY JOBs in Iowa.


By the by, one solution would be for Texas and Florida to send their immigrants to Iowa to work, instead of New York, DC or Nantucket to score political points.

A post after my own heart


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Well, this time it wasn't a hospital window

Poor Russian oligarchs, they keep falling out of and off of things...

The latest...…

Ivan Pechorin, 39, managing director of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, reportedly fell off a boat at full speed and died Saturday near Russky Island in the Sea of Japan in Primorsky Krai, Russia, near Vladivostock, about 5,800 miles east of Moscow.

If you like humorous mysteries - get ready...

There is a major movie comedy who-done-it that is a sequel to the brilliant Knives Out. Remember that movie where Daniel Craig hammed it up as an over the top southern detective. It deserves a sequel and it is getting one.

But this weekend also sees the opening of a far smaller, but still very funny looking story, See How They Run. Visit the Washington Post for the review. It looks high-lar-E-ous.

And, come on, Sam Rockwell can do no wrong on-screen.

How Horrible is Socialism!?!?

 First, I think we can all agree that massive windfall profits for energy companies, based only on the suffering of the Ukrainian people is vile. Totally legal and well justified with Capitalism, but vile none the less.

Spanish People have elected Socialists since Franco. It has increased the wealth of the country, the health of the population and freedom of the people

Enter the European Union and "socialism". I have to say some socialism (public schools, roads, police, fire department, etc.) Americans already benefit from*. Europe will temporarily add the ability to heat your home and feed your family at the same time due to inflation caused by the war in Ukraine.

To do this, the countries will tax the windfall profits of European energy companies. They will not tax the basic operations and profits, only the massive profits made by the war and only temporarily. The communism of putting people first. Clearly that would not fly in America - where all of our energy companies are also making windfall profits on the backs of dead Ukrainian defenders. But that is the American way!

(From the Economist) How will Europe get through winter without the Russian gas it has previously relied on? On Wednesday Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission’s president, proposed to raise €140bn ($140bn) through windfall taxes on energy companies to ease the burden of rising prices on households and businesses. During her annual “state of the union” address to the European Parliament Mrs von der Leyen said that it was “wrong” for companies to make record profits as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Thus is an affront to the very idea of Capitalism! And totally not fair to those companies that spend billions lobbing Congress. (Sarcasm

Seriously, putting companies above people, particularly based on dead people and destroyed cities, just seems evil to me. It is a strong word, evil. But in this case, true.

* Socialism is not communism. It is the idea that items that common goods for the community are owned and managed by the lowest level of government. Americans use a socialist system for public goods like: streets, roads, interstate highways, traffic signals, fire departments, police departments, libraries, the military, public beaches (a big fat screw you toNew York and New Jersey on this), health standards, rivers, national parks, and more others than you can count. Socialism is not evil, it is common sense in these cases. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Seals of New York City

 New York City has a "current" and older city seal. I saw these on a building, took some pictures, and decided to share.

Above is the current New York City Seal. There is a shield resting on a laurel wreath. Below the laurel wreath is a date (1686) which when the city received its British Charter. On the shield are the Dutch windmill sails. In between are Beavers and Flour Barrels. The flour barrels date from 1674 when the city was the only city allowed to mill and export flour.

To the left and right of the shields are two figures. The left is a colonial sailor holding a navigation aid. To the right is a native American, but the wrong one. New York's native Americans did not wear war headdresses.

Above the shield is a US eagle atop a globe. As of 1977 the official city seal has a date of 1625, which was when the city of New Amsterdam was founded.

I assume every knows that the Netherlands founded the city and state, but if you don't - some history. The city was originally known as New Amsterdam and the state was called New Netherland. Because it was founded by the Dutch. After a war in 1676 the city passed to England and the colony of Surinam passed to the Netherlands. England also gave up claims in Indonesia (the Spice Islands at the time).

On the same building is another seal. I cannot find any details about this one, but a couple of images stand out. First the Beaver is indicative of the export of the city. And the Crown is indicative of the city's status as part of England. In fact the city seal at the top was first created with that crown, and then changed to the US Eagle after the civil war. 

If you are not subscribed to the New Yorker Borowitz Report, why not?

The Borowitz Report from the New Yorker starts my day off right. (Which I do understand sounds a bit like a bad coffee commercial - but whatever.)

About sums it up