Wednesday, September 14, 2022

How Horrible is Socialism!?!?

 First, I think we can all agree that massive windfall profits for energy companies, based only on the suffering of the Ukrainian people is vile. Totally legal and well justified with Capitalism, but vile none the less.

Spanish People have elected Socialists since Franco. It has increased the wealth of the country, the health of the population and freedom of the people

Enter the European Union and "socialism". I have to say some socialism (public schools, roads, police, fire department, etc.) Americans already benefit from*. Europe will temporarily add the ability to heat your home and feed your family at the same time due to inflation caused by the war in Ukraine.

To do this, the countries will tax the windfall profits of European energy companies. They will not tax the basic operations and profits, only the massive profits made by the war and only temporarily. The communism of putting people first. Clearly that would not fly in America - where all of our energy companies are also making windfall profits on the backs of dead Ukrainian defenders. But that is the American way!

(From the Economist) How will Europe get through winter without the Russian gas it has previously relied on? On Wednesday Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission’s president, proposed to raise €140bn ($140bn) through windfall taxes on energy companies to ease the burden of rising prices on households and businesses. During her annual “state of the union” address to the European Parliament Mrs von der Leyen said that it was “wrong” for companies to make record profits as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Thus is an affront to the very idea of Capitalism! And totally not fair to those companies that spend billions lobbing Congress. (Sarcasm

Seriously, putting companies above people, particularly based on dead people and destroyed cities, just seems evil to me. It is a strong word, evil. But in this case, true.

* Socialism is not communism. It is the idea that items that common goods for the community are owned and managed by the lowest level of government. Americans use a socialist system for public goods like: streets, roads, interstate highways, traffic signals, fire departments, police departments, libraries, the military, public beaches (a big fat screw you toNew York and New Jersey on this), health standards, rivers, national parks, and more others than you can count. Socialism is not evil, it is common sense in these cases. 

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