Wednesday, September 21, 2022

As Dr. Smith would say, "Oh.. the pain ..."

Of course you don't remember this quote. It was from the original Lost In Space back when color TV was new and dinosaurs walked the earth. Lost In Space hit our screens (the 19 inch one with rabbit ears) a year before Start Trek. And it was a vision of the future, with a kid about our age. Poor Will ("Danger Will Robinson! Danger!) even had to put up with annoying older sister Bridgette - no wait, that was her name in Sound of Music. Older sister Penny.

But I digress. What I want to say is that there are certain lines in life that aren't world shattering, but kind of are.

Lines like

  • Fine. We'll take Scott, but then we get to go first.
  • Scott, you cover Mondo.
  • No, you can't wear boxers. No, I don't care what the other boys in gym are wearing. Well, if you want them you have to buy them yourself.
  • It's okay. It happens to everyone.
  • Wow, that was quick.

To which we can now add this. When a newish friend looks are a picture of you - which you think you still exactly looks like yourself - and says something to the effect of...

That can't really be you! Wow, you look so .... different.

(And yes, that is in reference to the entry below...)

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  1. After 20 some years of course you look different. But still handsome with a killer smile.


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