Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Nothing New - Just Happy Thoughts


A new take on Consciousness

 Popular Mechanics recently published an article on consciousness. It provides more details and testing that might answer why some things - like people - have consciousness. Their testing was done to try and prove a theory called "Orchestrated Objective Reduction." Which means ... well, I have no idea :-).

But I kind of understand the idea behind it. Basically, Quantum mechanics defines a situation with at least two specialized properties.

1) Quantum particles can be in many places at once. Yes, this is weird as hell, but provable. Quantum computers are so much faster than regular computers because while a computer can answer quickly, quantum computers can evaluate all possible answers faster and deliver the right one.

In the brain, this would mean a neuron can check multiple paths to spread information and choose the quickest path. It also makes it possible to hold multiple solutions at once and have to choose the right one, which drives consciousness.

2) Quantum particles also have this really nifty property where two particles not in proximity to each other - testing has proved this at two different points hundreds of miles away. When one particle is acted on, the second (or maybe more) particle reacts as if the stimulus occurred to it. 

I wish I completely understood. But I think it is one reason we don't have to worry about the Robot uprising.

Quantum pairing (or "entanglement") has only been proven until now in extremely cold and dry conditions. However, scientists proved this process in plants as chlorophyll checks all paths from the leaf spot to provide energy. This means that quantum states in living tissue are possible. The chlorophyll energy dissipates quickly and so checks all possible pathways at once. This same system of checking all paths at once probably happens in our brains.

It is interesting if a dense read. https://apple.news/AiVqIKbNuTqOUVJaEMdirpQ

I las listening to Kenny lgain, and realized this song is more relevant than ever

 Kenny Chesney - "Noise"

Monday, January 29, 2024

Gun Laws Make People Stupid

 Tennessee passed a law last year that lets gun owners keep their guns in their cars or trucks without problems and without having to be present. Hummmm I wonder what happened.

The Bizarre Social Spectacle of the Kansas City Chiefs and Some Singer

 The Kansas City Chiefs are in the Super Bowl after a close but convincing win over the Baltimore Ravens. Normally, this would be subject to the general hoopla of an NFC Championship Game, where the winner goes to the Super Bowl.

But lately, the dating story between Travis Kelce - one of the best Chiefs players, and Taylor Swift - an EXTREMELY rich and famous singer, has taken over social media and cheap thrill news. It is a reasonably public relationship gone batshit crazy. All kinds of pictures of Taylor are out there as she is in the owner's box with Kelce's mom and family. And they are everywhere.

All kinds of feel-good news stories if you check Google.

What is interesting is that during the game itself, it is no big deal. Sure, TV shows too many quick shots of her in the box, but that happens with stars in almost all sports. There have been hundreds more shots of Jack Nicholson and the Lakers Games, Spike Lee at the Brooklyn Nets games, and Brad Pitt at the US Open.

But Taylor Swift is an unabashed Democratic supporter and, obviously, a woman. She used to be kind of non-partisan and just pushed voting in general - and her support of LGBT issues. But now she is pushing Biden (more in the anyone-but-Trump camp vs the all-in-for-Biden camp), and that is causing our right-wing media to freak the hell out. 

Another reason the right-wing media hates the couple is that Travis Kelce is also a spokesman for Pfitzer and the rights favorite boogeyman, COVID-19 vaccines. So they are a couple that is kind of overexposed by every media and the subject of out off control nuttiness on the right.

Here are just some of their craziness...

This is the FIRST time Fox News has acknowledged Climate Change - but only to bash Taylor.

Yes, you can see all the Baltimore fans booing her. Wait.. she came in before the fans.

First elections, now the Super Bowl! What is not safe from liberals (sarcasm)

Ahhh ... the dreaded Taylor AND COVID safeness

Kelce is in commercials for Pfitzer. Both before and after Taylor, but the truth isn't Tomi's long suit.

Ahhh. Misogyny is always in vogue on the right.

And finally, a litany of issues from Media Matters - which watches and listens to right-wing policies so we don't have to.

Dylan Page and Tik Tok News

 Yesterday, there was an extensive article in something I read that talked about how many young people get news from TikTok now. This sounds a little strange, but then I thought, I actually follow Dylan Page.

And the article talked not only about how but why they get their news this way. These videos are short, single topic based, and the presenters have charisma. I must be honest; I have followed Dylan Page since I started watching TikTok. First because his voice in interesting and he is kind of cute. Cutier with more hair before, but he had a rat-tail so I guess buzzed is better.

Anyway, you can see here while people like him.

One other thing about Dylan. His is followed by 9 million people. That is more than network news for ABC (7.6 million), NBC (6.5 Million) and CBS (4.8 Million). Kind of crazy, right.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Move Along : Nothing to see Here

Bay of Kotor in Montenegro

Well, to honor my pledge not to get crazy here in Nicompoopery, I have had to make a page break. Note: I will be getting crazy below, so don't MORE if you don't have to.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Median Age of Every State

 Median Age = Equal numbers above and below. Here is a map of the Median Age for every state based on the US Census

So Sorry - America

 If you haven't been following the wild dustup, an American in England said that you should add salt for the perfect cup of tea. You can image how this advice was taken by the Brits.

Anywho, the American Embassy sent an apology letter. You should read - the entire thing until the end.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

John in Palm Springs

 John and Sue have been staying in Palm Springs at the new house. They have gone hiking most days. This is one of their fantastic pictures.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

I Can't Decide if this is a Stunt, or Texas is really doing this

 Just a few days ago, the Supreme Court (in a dangerously narrow decision) told the state of Texas that it does not control the international border - as per the Constitution.

This decision allowed full access to Border Control to remove the razor wire that was the subject of the lawsuit. Texas has ignored the court, denied access to the area in question, and set up more razor wire in defiance of the Supreme Court.

This is not good. This was one of the prompts of the Civil War. The states, starting with South Carolina, declined to accept the power of Congress and the Supreme Court. This is known as "nullification." And is fuck all bad. 

Now, ignoring the rule of law is the love language of Republicans.  

This is fucked up. States have to adhere to Supreme Court decisions, or why have a Supreme Federal Court? Why have a "Union" of states (as in the United States) if the rules don't apply when you don't like them?

If Texas wants to go, I say let it. Take the Space Center back and give it to a state that is staying in the nation. Stop sending Texas $68.2 Billion a year. There are 21 military bases in Texas, close them if Texas doesn't want to be in the country. Tax every barrel of oil that flows into Texas from the rest of the country and goes out through Houston.

And if Texas does want to stay in the country, FOLLOW THE FUCKING LAW.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Some things are just wrong


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Happy 29th Anniversary to Us


Our first Picture together - Joshua Tree

They said it would not last.

And the latest one...

Ed's Birthday

We went to our friend's house for Ed's birthday Saturday night (I made a pineapple upside-down cake to die for). and we saw Spon - the dog again.

Since we have watched him every now and then since he was a pup, he decided to love on Eddie. It was cute.

Spoon and the two boys 1 year ago.
 Here are the boys and Ed and Spoon Saturday last year.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 9.58.45 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 9.58.57 AM.png
I think spoon remembered Eddie 

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 9.58.23 AM.png
The boy in back now has a puberty mustache and a deep voice.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Trigger Warning: This post is about economics

 I have been pretty scrupulous about staying out of US Politics. And this is not politics, it is much more about economics.

I find this item (from Politico) either hilarious or truly saddening. Either way, it is definitely maddening to me.

Here is the pitch: the muckity muck mucks at the Davos Self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe Conference have expressed disappointment that political polarization has gotten so bad. And populism is an outcome they fear.

Hey, I have an idea why. Pick me! Pick me!

In 1965 the average CEO made about 21 times the average worker in the company. Today, the average - AVERAGE - CEO makes 334 times what the average company worker makes. 

Since 1978 - 2022, top CEO compensation shot up 1,209.2% compared with a 15.3% increase in a typical worker's compensation.

So I think, if you ponder REALLY hard I bet you can figure out why populism is on the rise. Both on the left and on the MAGA right.

Come on boys think.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Queen Elizabeth's boat, The Britannia

 When we were in Scotland, we visited Queen Elizabeth's boat, the Britannia. It is no longer in service, but it was an exciting peak into their life at sea.

When the Queen visited her realm, she often took this little boat to visit. Or she was delivered to land and then used the Rolls to visit her subjects.

The basic family room. This is where everyone would congregate, including any visiting dignitaries. Interestingly, the Queen originally wanted a coal fire but was told a seaman had to stand by with a water bucket 100% of the time if there was a real fire. The family decided on electricity.
This was the dining room, here set up for a state dinner.

Queenie's bedroom. A SINGLE bed. 

Philip's Room - focused on his desk (he too had a twin bed!)

Family's dining room.

The aft sun room. Love the furniture.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Good Economic News

 I have been steadfastly trying to avoid politics here, and I will continue. But, good news is going to pass my tests. From Lynn. Going after tax cheats that are rich is kind of rare and fantastic!

An impact of the Inflation Reduction Act: "The IRS announced Friday that it has recently collected more than half a billion dollars from millionaire Americans who owed tax debt." 

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Coco Channel Exhibit at the V&A that David Designed!

 Our friend David (Gareth's son) has graduated from Architecture school with his degree and license (I don't know what it is called there.) He is in love with physical design, and he designed a very high-end exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

It is an overview of Coco Channel's life and work. It was fascinating. She was raised in a church orphanage after her father died. When she was old enough, she left for Paris to work with others. 

The story of Channel is laid out at the beginning of the show.

Her relaxed dresses in "sleeping gown" material (satin) from the 1920s 
Very different from corsets and bustles from the time.

She opened a haberdashery, a dress shop, and her clothing lines and perfumes. She was the first to use unstructured fabrics and corsets to design comfortable clothing that drapes.

She made gowns for movies in Hollywood and the French art scene.

Gloria Swanson "Tonight or Never" - Coco's gown (was in movie clips)

She designed the "little black dress"

She was a famous lover of the British semi-royalty (Dukes and Lords.)

In the English Countryside with Future PM Winston Churchill

She collaborated with a Nazi lover, primarily to gain the release of her nephew (or was he her child?). 

Later worked for the French Underground.

Much of her gown collection

Tried to open communications in Spain between Churchill and Germany.

Retired from fashion in 1954.

Came back to fashion in 1957 with her "Channel Suit."

It was exciting, and David did a great job partially from it.

Since the show, David was offered (and accepted) a job with a French production company that does couture fashion runway shows, pop up areas, and exhibits. Very Cool!!

It was a staircase like this. Coco had her models walk down so she could see the dress from every angle.

About sums it up