Thursday, September 15, 2022

Maybe Jodi, just maybe, your anti-immigrant stance is screwing your state

Jodi Ernst, Republican Senator from Iowa is complaining about - wait for it - low unemployment numbers. There aren't enough people for jobs in Iowa, particularly crappy farm, slaughtering and food processing jobs, which are going begging.

But a quick investigation finds that one main cause of problems is one she and her Republican colleagues have helped to cause. 

One problem exacerbating the hiring problems is the ani-immigrant, anti-brown skinned people crusade the Republicans have waged for the last 10 years. In Iowa 11% of the work force is hispanic migrants or the first generation children of these migrants. Why stay where people line up to hate you? Another 2% of Iowan workers are undocumented immigrants. 

With an unemployment rate of 2.25%, Iowa needs workers. A solution seems to be to document these workers, either as temporary or green card holders. But that is unacceptable in the Republican party, so she just bitches. Seriously, she complains that there are TOO MANY JOBs in Iowa.


By the by, one solution would be for Texas and Florida to send their immigrants to Iowa to work, instead of New York, DC or Nantucket to score political points.

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