Monday, September 19, 2022

And now, for something completely different

 Eddie and I saw "See How They Run" this weekend (it's a movie). It is both a parody of and an actual comedy / mystery. The setting is a group of actors and money men trying to make movie about the preparations for a movie about the play The Mousetrap. It is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

For those of you unaware, The Mousetrap is an Agatha Christie written mystery the ran on stage in London. I should say running, present tense. The Mousetrap has been on the London Stage since 1954. Yes, nearly 70 years.

Interestingly, Ms. Christie signed a contract that allowed a "The Mousetrap" movie to be made, but only 6 months after the play closed. And the play has still not closed!

This movie takes a ton of inside mystery movie jokes and tropes and skewers them very well. Sam Rockwell is great, as he always is. Adrian Brodie and the rest of the cast are excellent. But it is Saoirse Ronan that is the most surprising comedic. She is great as Inspector Stalker, who is a bit starstruck everyone in the cast.

It is funny in general, but super funny if you have seen a few Agatha Christie mysteries like Death on the Nile, Murder on the Orient Express, Evil Under the Sun or Ten Little Indians. More than a few of us issued loud, embarrassing laughs at many points.

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