Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Republican National Committee just released their version of the Contract With America

 Ever since Newt Gingrich released the Republican "Contract with America", Republicans have been trying to reignite that fire. For my Brit friends, the "Contract with America" pledged the Republicans would do a bunch of things, and led to a mid-term wipe out of Democrats.

Now, if that was their contract or just a massive mid-term loss for Democrats at the height of the Clinton scandal is up for debate. What is not up for debate is they have chased that model ever since.

But in releasing this year's version, they seem to have made a small misstep...

Meanwhile their new contract includes:

  • Privatizing Education
  • Overturn the Affordable Care Act (medical support)
  • Force private internet social media (Facebook, twitter, TikTok, etc) to carry lies and violent content
  • Increase fossil fuel output
  • Stop inflation (no way explanation on HOW do this, just a promise)
  • Prevent illegal immigration (ooookay)
  • Support hiring 200,000 more cops (passed recently by Democrats)
  • Pass laws to outlaw all abortion
  • Reduce laws where government controls human bodies (except, you know, abortion because women's bodies don't count)
  • Reduce gun restrictions (? - What's left?)
  • Require the President to answer for it's incompetence at home and abroad (in the short term, until a Republican is elected)

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  1. A contract is an agreement between two or more persons or parties. Although an unsigned contract can be binding, lack of a signature would normally suggest that the parties had not yet reached the point where they were agreeing to be bound. So, calling it a contract is a misnomer (not a surprise) and something they are not bound to (again, not a surprise). This is a platform, not a contract. And the only things they might try to do is what any authoritarian regime, not a democracy, might try to do.


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