Monday, September 19, 2022

I thought we were done with this...

 I thought we were done with the gay marriage debate, but... 

If book banning of LGBT books worked... 

And if demonizing trans children worked...

And if the Constitutional right to abortion (based on the right to privacy) worked...

... but this, quote Republican politicians, this could never work. Great then, I have nothing to fear.

Never say fucking never.

The actual text of the email after the jump..

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Natural marriage keeps a culture strong. Sexual immorality and lack of monogamy kill a culture. If you want to destroy America, pass HR 8404. That is why we must warn members of the Senate to STOP HR 8404.

The “Respect for Marriage Act” will throw gasoline on the fire that is burning down marriage, family and the objective reality of gender in our nation!

Only six more Senate votes are needed to pass HR 8404. There are 16 Republican senators who have not publicly committed how they will vote on this bill. Rush your urgent faxes to every senator you can to block this bill.

The time to turn back the unbridled Jezebel spirit poisoning American minds, bodies and culture is NOW! It is successfully perverting a third American generation and destroying our Judeo-Christian culture before our eyes!

Liberty Counsel is fighting for the soul of America by fighting disastrous policies like HR 8404, and by defending religious freedom and life in state and federal courtrooms across America. But we are only able to perform this mission-critical work because of faithful supporters like YOU.

Won’t you prayerfully consider making a recurring monthly donation to fund this intensifying legal battle for religious freedom? Every donation made today will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT by a Challenge Grant. Thank you in advance.

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