Wednesday, September 21, 2022

It's Officially Stupid Season

We now enter the Stupid Season of our Elections

All of our state primaries are over. Now we enter the last month and a half until the mid-term elections. For my non-Americans, "Mid-Terms" are when there are National Elections are held for all the seats in the  House of Representatives, but not the Presidential race.

Aside below**

Anywho, as we get closer and closer to the election, the crazy rises to the top. 

One cannot let this nincompoopery get to one or one will go even crazier with annoyance, anger and apathy. 

Seriously, I could quote the many crazy ass things coming out of candidates mouth's but we would be here for far too long. ***

Instead I have entered the five stages of election grief.

  1. Denial    They can't really believe that can they?
  2. Anger    Those assholes better not do that!
  3. Bargaining    Well, he's a serial killer and kicks puppies, but at least he isn't Trump.
  4. Depression    Fine. I'm going to take a Xanex. Call me in 2024.
  5. Acceptance   Maybe they won't gut all our rights.

To quote from my previous post, "Oh the Pain"

In this post, I planned to quote some stupid ass candidates, but it is too painful. Let me summarize. "We hate you all." The "we" and the "all" in this case are dependent on who is talking.

** In retrospect the founding fathers (that's what we call the writers of the Constitution, because we can't remember their names) were a little naive. The House of Representatives is voted on every 2 years because they wanted to ensure the Representatives are answerable to the voters. In reality, 95% of the House of Representative members that run again are elected over and over, and a substantially lower number (near absolute zero) are actually interested in what normal voters think.

*** And, while I think Republicans are crazier than Democrats, there is plenty of crazy to go around for all.

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