Sunday, January 21, 2024

Trigger Warning: This post is about economics

 I have been pretty scrupulous about staying out of US Politics. And this is not politics, it is much more about economics.

I find this item (from Politico) either hilarious or truly saddening. Either way, it is definitely maddening to me.

Here is the pitch: the muckity muck mucks at the Davos Self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe Conference have expressed disappointment that political polarization has gotten so bad. And populism is an outcome they fear.

Hey, I have an idea why. Pick me! Pick me!

In 1965 the average CEO made about 21 times the average worker in the company. Today, the average - AVERAGE - CEO makes 334 times what the average company worker makes. 

Since 1978 - 2022, top CEO compensation shot up 1,209.2% compared with a 15.3% increase in a typical worker's compensation.

So I think, if you ponder REALLY hard I bet you can figure out why populism is on the rise. Both on the left and on the MAGA right.

Come on boys think.

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