Wednesday, January 24, 2024

I Can't Decide if this is a Stunt, or Texas is really doing this

 Just a few days ago, the Supreme Court (in a dangerously narrow decision) told the state of Texas that it does not control the international border - as per the Constitution.

This decision allowed full access to Border Control to remove the razor wire that was the subject of the lawsuit. Texas has ignored the court, denied access to the area in question, and set up more razor wire in defiance of the Supreme Court.

This is not good. This was one of the prompts of the Civil War. The states, starting with South Carolina, declined to accept the power of Congress and the Supreme Court. This is known as "nullification." And is fuck all bad. 

Now, ignoring the rule of law is the love language of Republicans.  

This is fucked up. States have to adhere to Supreme Court decisions, or why have a Supreme Federal Court? Why have a "Union" of states (as in the United States) if the rules don't apply when you don't like them?

If Texas wants to go, I say let it. Take the Space Center back and give it to a state that is staying in the nation. Stop sending Texas $68.2 Billion a year. There are 21 military bases in Texas, close them if Texas doesn't want to be in the country. Tax every barrel of oil that flows into Texas from the rest of the country and goes out through Houston.

And if Texas does want to stay in the country, FOLLOW THE FUCKING LAW.


  1. Unfortunately, as I understand it, there may be consequences of not following a SC decision but their rulings are not law. To become law, action has to be taken by the legislative branch. I think stopping federal funding to TX, closing military bases, and taxing TX oil are great ideas if you can get any of that through the current Congress.

  2. That can't be correct, can it? I mean the President sent troops into Little Rock without a law. And the anti-miscegenation (not interracial marriages) didn't need a law? I think if it is a Constitutional decision by the SC it doesn't need a law - but I could be wrong.


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