Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Coco Channel Exhibit at the V&A that David Designed!

 Our friend David (Gareth's son) has graduated from Architecture school with his degree and license (I don't know what it is called there.) He is in love with physical design, and he designed a very high-end exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

It is an overview of Coco Channel's life and work. It was fascinating. She was raised in a church orphanage after her father died. When she was old enough, she left for Paris to work with others. 

The story of Channel is laid out at the beginning of the show.

Her relaxed dresses in "sleeping gown" material (satin) from the 1920s 
Very different from corsets and bustles from the time.

She opened a haberdashery, a dress shop, and her clothing lines and perfumes. She was the first to use unstructured fabrics and corsets to design comfortable clothing that drapes.

She made gowns for movies in Hollywood and the French art scene.

Gloria Swanson "Tonight or Never" - Coco's gown (was in movie clips)

She designed the "little black dress"

She was a famous lover of the British semi-royalty (Dukes and Lords.)

In the English Countryside with Future PM Winston Churchill

She collaborated with a Nazi lover, primarily to gain the release of her nephew (or was he her child?). 

Later worked for the French Underground.

Much of her gown collection

Tried to open communications in Spain between Churchill and Germany.

Retired from fashion in 1954.

Came back to fashion in 1957 with her "Channel Suit."

It was exciting, and David did a great job partially from it.

Since the show, David was offered (and accepted) a job with a French production company that does couture fashion runway shows, pop up areas, and exhibits. Very Cool!!

It was a staircase like this. Coco had her models walk down so she could see the dress from every angle.

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  1. Congratulations David ! This was a beautiful and informative exhibit.


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