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Move Along : Nothing to see Here

Bay of Kotor in Montenegro

Well, to honor my pledge not to get crazy here in Nicompoopery, I have had to make a page break. Note: I will be getting crazy below, so don't MORE if you don't have to.





Your own fault.

What the Absolute Fuck is Going On?

In case you missed it. Texas has decided to challenge the Federal Government on the Constitution. The Constitution gives the Federal Government control over the borders. To make a point, Texas has stung razor wire fences and buoys to maim people who are trying to cross the border. The Federal Border Patrol have not been allowed in the region, even to save peoples' lives.

Now, the border is a federal issue. If the state wants to fuck around, they should coordinate with the Feds. Well, Texas has not, and in fact, it has barred the Federal Border Patrol in areas. So the Federal Government took this issue to the Supreme Court, which ruled against Texas.

And Texas has said Fuck You to the Supreme Court. They have argued that an "invasion" is occurring and Texas has the right to send its own (National Guard) troops. This is similar to the excuse that Texas used to succeed from the US and join the Confederacy. Only then was the invasion perceived to be free Black slaves.

So, Texas has placed itself above the Supreme Court. This, by the fucking by, is the most conservative Supreme Court since before our Civil War, so it isn't like a bunch of liberal pussies said this. Although, it is the Supreme Court, so even then they should be followed.

Now, you would hope that other states and rational politicians would by sane enough to say, "Hey, we must abide by the Constitution." But no. These states have offered to send their state National Guard to support Texas.

All these states have Republican Governors - and are ready to shred the separation of powers to Fuck Joe Biden.


Now, we have a bi-partisan border bill in the works. It is stronger than any law yet, which makes sense in our new world. But the Republicans are now revolting against it. Wy? Why, you ask? Because Donald Trump wants this to continue to blow up to help his election changes. Seriously, he is willing to support a fucking civil war to get elected.

Wall Street Journal - Murdoch-owned right-wing Editorial Board!

If Joe Biden doesn't do something, our country will be broken before Trump even takes over.

One of our idiot Republican Govorners, this one Kristi Noem is bucking for Trump's VP. She claims that Texas and the Original 13 colonies. Well, dumb-ass, when the Constitution was signed in 1787, Texas was still part of Spain. Later, when Mexico was a country, it was part of Mexico. In fact, it joined the nation in 1845 in order to maintain slavery - Mexico was outlawing it. So no, Ms. Noem, Texas did not sign the First US Consitution.*

*Note: One may argue that the first agreement between the newly free colonies was in 1777 on 1787, when the Articles of Confederation were signed. But that was not a "Constitution"

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