Tuesday, January 30, 2024

A new take on Consciousness

 Popular Mechanics recently published an article on consciousness. It provides more details and testing that might answer why some things - like people - have consciousness. Their testing was done to try and prove a theory called "Orchestrated Objective Reduction." Which means ... well, I have no idea :-).

But I kind of understand the idea behind it. Basically, Quantum mechanics defines a situation with at least two specialized properties.

1) Quantum particles can be in many places at once. Yes, this is weird as hell, but provable. Quantum computers are so much faster than regular computers because while a computer can answer quickly, quantum computers can evaluate all possible answers faster and deliver the right one.

In the brain, this would mean a neuron can check multiple paths to spread information and choose the quickest path. It also makes it possible to hold multiple solutions at once and have to choose the right one, which drives consciousness.

2) Quantum particles also have this really nifty property where two particles not in proximity to each other - testing has proved this at two different points hundreds of miles away. When one particle is acted on, the second (or maybe more) particle reacts as if the stimulus occurred to it. 

I wish I completely understood. But I think it is one reason we don't have to worry about the Robot uprising.

Quantum pairing (or "entanglement") has only been proven until now in extremely cold and dry conditions. However, scientists proved this process in plants as chlorophyll checks all paths from the leaf spot to provide energy. This means that quantum states in living tissue are possible. The chlorophyll energy dissipates quickly and so checks all possible pathways at once. This same system of checking all paths at once probably happens in our brains.

It is interesting if a dense read. https://apple.news/AiVqIKbNuTqOUVJaEMdirpQ

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