Monday, January 29, 2024

Dylan Page and Tik Tok News

 Yesterday, there was an extensive article in something I read that talked about how many young people get news from TikTok now. This sounds a little strange, but then I thought, I actually follow Dylan Page.

And the article talked not only about how but why they get their news this way. These videos are short, single topic based, and the presenters have charisma. I must be honest; I have followed Dylan Page since I started watching TikTok. First because his voice in interesting and he is kind of cute. Cutier with more hair before, but he had a rat-tail so I guess buzzed is better.

Anyway, you can see here while people like him.

One other thing about Dylan. His is followed by 9 million people. That is more than network news for ABC (7.6 million), NBC (6.5 Million) and CBS (4.8 Million). Kind of crazy, right.

1 comment:

  1. He is kinda cute and very animated with a charming accent. He talks so fast it's a bit hard to hold onto the information but as someone who wouldn't mind if Texas seceded I liked his message.