Monday, January 29, 2024

The Bizarre Social Spectacle of the Kansas City Chiefs and Some Singer

 The Kansas City Chiefs are in the Super Bowl after a close but convincing win over the Baltimore Ravens. Normally, this would be subject to the general hoopla of an NFC Championship Game, where the winner goes to the Super Bowl.

But lately, the dating story between Travis Kelce - one of the best Chiefs players, and Taylor Swift - an EXTREMELY rich and famous singer, has taken over social media and cheap thrill news. It is a reasonably public relationship gone batshit crazy. All kinds of pictures of Taylor are out there as she is in the owner's box with Kelce's mom and family. And they are everywhere.

All kinds of feel-good news stories if you check Google.

What is interesting is that during the game itself, it is no big deal. Sure, TV shows too many quick shots of her in the box, but that happens with stars in almost all sports. There have been hundreds more shots of Jack Nicholson and the Lakers Games, Spike Lee at the Brooklyn Nets games, and Brad Pitt at the US Open.

But Taylor Swift is an unabashed Democratic supporter and, obviously, a woman. She used to be kind of non-partisan and just pushed voting in general - and her support of LGBT issues. But now she is pushing Biden (more in the anyone-but-Trump camp vs the all-in-for-Biden camp), and that is causing our right-wing media to freak the hell out. 

Another reason the right-wing media hates the couple is that Travis Kelce is also a spokesman for Pfitzer and the rights favorite boogeyman, COVID-19 vaccines. So they are a couple that is kind of overexposed by every media and the subject of out off control nuttiness on the right.

Here are just some of their craziness...

This is the FIRST time Fox News has acknowledged Climate Change - but only to bash Taylor.

Yes, you can see all the Baltimore fans booing her. Wait.. she came in before the fans.

First elections, now the Super Bowl! What is not safe from liberals (sarcasm)

Ahhh ... the dreaded Taylor AND COVID safeness

Kelce is in commercials for Pfitzer. Both before and after Taylor, but the truth isn't Tomi's long suit.

Ahhh. Misogyny is always in vogue on the right.

And finally, a litany of issues from Media Matters - which watches and listens to right-wing policies so we don't have to.

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