Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Mar-a-Lago raid was, actually, nothing like the Gestapo

Republicans create a talking point and then beat it to death. The latest one is to compare the FBI's legal raids to the Nazi Gestapo.

This complaint has come from sitting members of Congress, Trump and his allies, and a total mix of Republican voices, from semi-normal ones to crazy asses. The crazy asses (show below) link the FBI to the Gestapo because the seized a phone from one of the Congressional members that probably conspired with Trump regarding the January 6th attempted coup.

The others called the raid on Mar-a-Lago a "gestapo" raid. 

Let me explain the difference. 

The FBI has to convince the chain of command of Department of Justice that they actually have cause to raid a home or office. (Eric Trump says Trump used to direct the FBI and DOJ to attack opposition - but that isn't the way it works without a crook in office). 

THEN the FBI has to convince a Federal Judge that a raid will very probably uncovering evidence of a crime. The Judiciary is likely to demand a lot of proof, given this is an ex-President.  

Also the difference between the FBI / DOJ and the Gestapo...

For my Republican Friends:
Top image is FBI. Bottom image is The Gestapo 

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