Wednesday, April 17, 2024

TV's Heros Today

This television season has brought us more of the famous "quirky detectives". Of course, they are not all detectives, but they all solve crimes. And they all have the newest default character, the young, feisty, black female sidekick.

This season:

Will Trent - Quirky detective who can reconstruct entire crimes in his mind (and on TV for us). He is unloved in the Atlanta Police Department because he turned in crooked cops at one point. He has a young female black sidekick. Also has saved a small Chihuahua (although I suppose "small chihuahua" is repetitive.) 


Elsbeth  - Quirky lawyer watching NYDP checking for implementation of the consent decree to stop being dicks. She is written as your long lost Aunt Sylvia but who curses and solves crimes. She has a black woman sidekick.


The Lincoln Lawyer - He is a lawyer with his law license back and likes working out of his old ... wait for it ... Lincoln. He has a black woman sidekick.

His "other" Lincoln


Tracker - He is a bounty hunter with a heart of gold. He has no home and travels around in a jet stream trailer. He has no woman sidekick but does have a black man sidekick who is disabled - but it doesn't stop him.


Only Murders in the Building - They are a trio of quirky friends who solve crimes. And there are a lot of crimes in their building. No sidekick, but Selena Gomez provides the spicy Latina when required.


Poker Face - Another sidekick less crime solver. But she is on the run, so it is okay. And she is pursued by Benjamin Bratt. Always pleasing on the eyes.


And still streaming - Lucifer. He is the Devil that solves West LA crimes with his crush - an LA Police detective who was once a B movie queen - think lots of T&A. His sidekick stable is pretty damn diverse.


And, finally, So Help Me Todd. Todd is a private eye - who lost his license, but his mother helped him get it back. He solves crimes his mother needs solving to win her cases. His sidekick/costar is Marcia Gay Harden. Like Lucifer, the supporting cast is very diverse.

Yeah, this is a typical law office Partners and staff.

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