Wednesday, April 17, 2024

This! This is why I go cray cray


So, Scott, you appear to not be posting much now. Why is that?

Why? WHY?!?

My brain is broken. Things like this.

You can stop listening after minute 4 (9:00 on screen) or so....

For my British friends:
  1. Gettysburg was the site of an early and very bloody battle between the Union (the USA) and the Treasonist Confederate States. It was the first (and last) battle the Treasonists staged on Union land. It was a decisive win for the Union - and turned the tide (as one says).
  2. Robert E Lee (of whom Trump said - Have you noticed, he is not well thought of now) was the most important General of the (treasonist) Confederate States of America. So, he is praising a General who fought against the Country. He wonders why he is not well-thought-of today.
President Abraham Lincoln gave the quintessential American speech of all time there, The Gettysburg Address. It is so central that in school, we all had to study and memorize it. They may not do that anymore, but Trump is older than me and undoubtedly had to do it in school too. It is, in fact, carved into the Lincoln Memorial.

It is our nation's version of Churchill's "We will fight on..." speech.

Full speech below ... The one that dedicates himself and our country towards freedom. 

Does it always work? No. But Lincoln did bring about the freedom for 4 MILLION slaves.

It is a disservice and a tragedy and offensive as it is possible to be - to poison the words of democracy by our shameless exPresident.

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