Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter

Every Easter, the television shows The Ten Commandments.

Sure, it is in French, but it is the only one that has a young (pubescent) Yul Brynner holding a giant dildo.

It has only dawned on me later in life that this is odd. I mean, The Ten Commandments is about Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt. 

First, God is kind of a dick in this movie. I mean, Moses led his people out of slavery, carried down two tablets of stone, saw a burning bush, and STILL God made him wander in the desert and die before his people got to the promised land.

Second, no Jesus. I mean, it is a show on Easter, which is when we celebrate the Easter Bunny rolling back the rock from Indiana Jones and Jesus walking out. The Ten Commandments has no Easter Bunny, no rolling rock and definitely no Jesus.

"Ha ha" says Ann, "You'll never have me, I love Moses."

Moses, Moses, Moses

Chuck and Yul - with how Yul's random object should look

John Derek - the image that launched 1,000 gays
PS - Before, you know, he was a misogynistic asshole.

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