Saturday, March 30, 2024

Animals from the Guardian

 I am a fan of animals - as we all know. These are a few posted in The Guardian newspaper this month.

We begin with a Black Necked Grebe in the wild.

So this is from a British Safari park. There was a rainstorm that put a pond in the bear enclosure. The staff wondered if they would play with a padello awaiting repairs. They put it in the enclosure and the bear almost immediately jumped in.

South American Sea Lions off Peru

A fox in Kew Gardens. Because they have no predators left, the population of England has exploded. The same way deer in certain areas and coyotes in California.

Asian Lynx in central turkey (for Lynn)

These are British hares - you know sweet bunnies, going at it.

Yaks in a standoff in Norway.

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  1. I smile when I saw the pictue of the Lynx and them saw the note...loved it!


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