Sunday, July 9, 2023

Well here are the results of our Supreme Court

Just remember John Roberts pledge, "We aren't here to make changes, we are just here to call balls and strikes."

Strikes so far: Abortion Last Year with this year's results - the Supreme Court said that for 50 years the government has it wrong. They turned Abortion restriction back to the states. Where are we now?


Gay Rights: 

From the Supremes last month. Business can discriminate against LGBT people. 

Worse for everyone, in order to twist the law and overturn a state non-discrimination law -- wait... doesn't that specifically the opposite of what you said about Abortion? Anyway, for the rest of you, that means people can now discriminate against Jews, Blacks, interracial couples, unmarried women, divorced people, and this list goes on. COMPANIES are allow to discriminate against based on their religious objections - no matter the state laws. Once again, this court has decided that Companies have moire rights than people as long as it helps Christians (discriminating against Jews during adoption in Tennessee, not having to supply contraception in medical insurance, allowing Doctors and Emergency Medical Technicians (i.e. Ambulances and Fire Departments) to decline help for trans or LGBT people in Florida.

See Note* on standing below


Remove Affirmative Action allowed by Universities: No longer can colleges allow affirmative action at all - Up until now, they were allowed to use AA as part of a holistic review. Now colleges cannot use race on admission requirements. Also outlawed - using essays that mention overcoming hardship IF that hardship includes - in anyway - race (except whites - they can reference race all the want).

Side Effect: COMPANIES are no longer allowed to make hiring decisions if they are related to race in anyway.

From Forbes


And two more just for fun...

Texas passes laws just to be mean.... Last mont, during the Worst Heat wave since last time the last hear wave killed people in Texas: The Texas state government outlawed - OUTLAWED - city laws and company guidelines that mandate a water break at least every two hours. Again - this passed during heat index of 120 in Texas.


Oklahoma codifies the requirement to be a racist.

Oklahoma, where the wind (and discriminate) come whipping down the plains. The Secretary of Education does allowed discussion of the Tulsa Massacre of 1917, where a white vigilante group killed 100 - 300 people and torched a black community. The Oklahoma Education policy is that teachers CAN discuss it, but CANNOT discuss that White people attack Black people. 

From The Guardian

*Note on Gay Ruling: Standing

The "official" Supreme Court position is that you cannot bring action unless you have standing - that is, an actual person or group that has been damaged. That is one of the reasons that people cannot sue about Florida trans laws until a transiting child is hurt by this.

On the other hand, no one has been effected by Colorado's nondiscrimination laws. The plaintiff did not have a business yet, or a request to make a website for gay people. To create "standing" the hate group pushed for a proactive ruling even though no harm had been done. Then when that was questioned, suddenly came up with a question to the web designer, which she did not want to do.

This supposed request came for a straight man, married to a woman for 7 years with kids, who had never requested anything.

So standing doesn't come into it when you get to rule against fags.

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