Friday, December 9, 2022

But What Does It NOT Say?

 New discoveries are making waves. Primarily due to some overlooked questions of people. First, let's start with the discoveries. First, surprising to no Geography major, Greenland and Antartica supported lush life. What IS surprising is how recently that was - geologically speaking.

Greenland had Mastodons. That is hella recent. Not dinosaurs, not tiny mammals that came after the death of the death of the dinos. No, recently when mega-fauna walked in North America.

But here is the rub. IF Greenland and Antartica could support life - that doesn't mean a Climate Change world that is much hotter than now can support us all. If the poles were balmy, how hot must the tropics have been. Even the belt of dense population running from Los Angeles through Europe and Africa to China must have been close to uninhabitable. The poles could not support the current population of 8 billion people. Those who live in, or would conquer these 2 regions would not let the teeming masses in.

These discoveries are warnings, not cause for celebration.

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