Friday, December 9, 2022

Mountain Lion Kittens in LA

 There is a celebrity mountain lion in LA called P-22. You might or might not have heard of her. She shows up in the hills on security cams a lot. She seems to have also claimed a porch in the Hollywood Hills as a night nap place last year.

Well, she gave birth to 4 female kittens this summer. And they are very cute. The National Park Service is tracking her. And the LA City Council is thinking about designating a section of the mountains in LA as a preserve.

What I did NOT know is that mountain lions have been busy. There were 12 births this summer. That is a lot. These are in the Santa Monica Mountains and the hills above Simi Valley. It isn't Orange County where there are plenty of mountain lions already.

There are lots of scientific study now about nature on "nature islands" surrounded by urban areas. P-22 and her cubs will be very important to the study.

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