Friday, December 9, 2022

Sounds Weird - and Dull

 From the New York Times 10 ten movie list. A puzzler that does not want to make me see it.

This documentary made for the weirdest moviegoing experience I had this year, partly because for most of its 78 minutes all it shows is a black screen. Although the movie includes a few brief visuals, the relative absence of imagery forces your attention on the soundtrack, which consists of audio recorded during the making of “Dead Birds” (1964), an ethnographic classic about the Dani people of New Guinea. The result is a mind-expanding inquiry on anthropology — how it speaks and for whom — and on cinema itself. (More information on the film is here.)

Oddly it reminds me of another movie that was kind of weird : Koyannisqatsi - it is an Native American word that means "Like out of balance". It was the opposite of Expedition Content in that it repeated one word (Koyannisqatsi) in the soundtrack, but provided a cacophony of images. 

PS - How did I remember this movie? First the images were overwhelming and second they repeated that damn word about 12 million times during the movie.

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