Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The new and improved Battersea Power Station

Battersea in images: l-r: Pink Floyd Album Cover, interior pre-restoration, film set in Richard III

We all have seen the iconic Battersea Power Station. Long derelict and near collapse, it has been the focus of many renewal schemes.

Well, it is finally been renovated and is soo soo cool. Lane, Ed and I went last week and took a tour.

Jane and I. BUT look at the Closest Exhaust Tower.
That little bump is where a glass elevator pops out.

Interior has been rebuilt as destination entertainment site.

When it was built, beauty in function was an esthetic. The Art Deco columns and layout were important

Those deco features are highligthed in the new interior

Looking over the top of the redone facility.
Those might be super high end condos on the roof area.

Views from the elevator

They also have weird nick names for buildings. Starting at the one next to the sun reflection and moving to the right they are: The Cheese Grater, The Gerkin (pickle) and the Walkie Talkie

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