Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Daily Stoic: Nov 29

Today's meditation is another tough one for me in our current political climate(s).

Don't lament this and don't get agitated.

Marcus Aurelius

As much as I try to see the humor in things, I am very much in the habit of this negative thought process. Here is what the Daily Stoic has to say. I will quote for a moment.

There is a feeing one gets when something happens: It's all over now. All is lost. What follows are complaints - and pity - and misery: the impotent struggle against what has already occurred. 

Instead stoicism pushes us towards how response to that same situation going forward. Examples of positive reaction:

My current view that we must adapt to the new climate. Posit solutions that work for people now, rather than simply aim for the unachievable. Clamoring to stop greenhouse gases now will not role back climate threats. We must face where we are at and both mitigate the impact of people AND try to reduce emissions in the future.

In politics, Lynn will accept where we are and then work to change it going forward. She worked the phones in 2020 for the upcoming vote.

Lynn also did not dwell on the horrible effects of the hurricane after it hit Ft. Meyers. Once she knew she was okay, she immediately volunteered to help others and emergency food banks.

C. S. Lewis was the writer of the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

He was also a religious Christian philosopher who married
religious instruction with real world help.

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