Thursday, November 10, 2022

Daily Stoic: November 10th

Today I must paraphrase, because the entry is long and get lost in the details. So here it is:

The troubles and joys of life: raising children, finding a partner, making a living, even dying are fleeting. Long after you or I have passed away, the earth and people here will go on. So make your decisions based on what you circumstances give you - as your immediate decisions will not stop the earth from spinning. 

Paraphrased from Marcus Aurelius

I have a little trouble with this in regards to Climate Change. But otherwise it makes sense. What you do with your life and what life throws at you effects you and your close circle. Respond to the  circumstances as they come but do not freak out. Because whom you marry, what you eat and whom you hold a grudge against don't really matter in the long run of humanity.

In the big scheme of life, be thankful you live now.

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