Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Dartmouth Murals

 We just got back from Hanover New Hampshire where we visited Dartmouth University. Ed's was speaking there. Well, as he was speaking, I bumbled around the city and school. One of the things I found were "The Orozco Murals".

These were painted between 1933 and 1935. Clemente Orozco painted the in fresco technique. He was a contemporary of Diego Garcia and painted with the same style and focus on ordinary people and the exploitation of Latin America by Europeans. 

I captured these parts below.

Cortez and the Cross

The white school teacher is in the center of the panel, Anglo-America.
Next to her is a panel called Hispano-America. You can see the money takers smelling gold at the bottom of the scene and Generals taking over past that.

The Anglo-Americas versus Hispano-America difference refers to the two ways that America was used by Europeans. The English, French and Dutch sent settlers to America to inhabit the land.

By way of contrast, Spanish and Portuguese rulers normally sent men to force the locals to extract resources (mining or farming) and Priests to convert the locals.

Part of the Modern Industrial Man section.

A panorama look at 1 wall.

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