Sunday, November 27, 2022

And We're Back

I was going to stop my Daily Stoic posts because it might bore some. But then today, I looked at my meditation and decided if I stopped writing, I may stop reading my meditations and it helps me. So, onward.

How satisfying it is to dismiss and block an upsetting or foreign impression, and immediately have peace in all things.

Marcus Aurelius

Does this mean there is no bad news. Of course not. But it does mean that we don't have to harp on things that are simply people's opinions and not fact.

I love stupid TV. Does that make me stupid, or insipid, or less than someone that watches documentaries? No, it is simply how I respond to stress. Do many people disapprove or judge me? Totally.

But if I can dismiss their opinions as unimportant to my well being, than I shall have peace.

Known by its current iteration. Fuck It.

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