Thursday, July 21, 2022

Unintended Consequences (or were they?)

The end of Roe (the Dobbs decision) has caused a number of old and new laws to come into effect again. Mainly these are around older laws that outlaw abortion, but Missouri has a doozy that is now back on the books - and no effort to overturn it by their state. And now, with Dobbs, that law is back.

The law in question is about divorce. In particular divorce while pregnant. In Missouri a woman cannot divorce a man while pregnant. Now before you say this is as obsolete as a horse and buggy, it has been used at least through the 1980s - before it was decided as obsolete by courts due to Roe (i.e. legalized abortion up to the point of viability).

So, not only are women not allowed autonomy over their own bodies - in at least one state (more coming?) they no longer have autonomy over their marriages as well, while pregnant.

Story from the Kansas City Star

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  1. Seriously scary. They'll be having women wear complete body coverups soon!


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