Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Race to Gay Marriage - Republican Attempts to Stop It

Here is the deal with Gay Marriage right now. The Supreme Court seems ready to overturn gay marriage just as it has with Women's Rights to abortion. And the Supreme Court specifically said, if Congress wanted to fix it, they could just pass a law instead of using a court opinion to do it.

And so, to get ahead of the court, Congress - well the Democrats and a few Republicans in Congress are trying to pass a law to codify gay marriage, and do just what the court has suggested. 

But one of the chief Republicans in the House of Representatives has said this law unnecessary AND only a distraction. (Although from what I don't know, since they do nothing anyway.)

You may not know Jim Jordan, if that is the case, you are lucky as hell. Rep. Jordan is relatively famous in progressive circles for two things. 

  1. He is a super-conservative Republican. He has fought against gay marriage, protection of women from abusers and violent men, lead hysterical investigator of any and all things Hilary Clinton, Benghazi, Obama or Hunter Biden. He is one of trump's greatest defenders in Congress

  2. He enabled serial abuse towards male student athletes. As assistant coach to the men's Ohio State wrestling team, he was told about abuse from the Ohio State doctor from at least two of the athletes. I say at least two, because he contacted those two (at least!) and pressured them to recant their stories. LINK. The actual number as claimed by the students is that 10 men told him about the "handsy" doctor.

So, as the pod-cast The New Abnormal would say, fuck that guy.

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