Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Turn off location tracking your apps - except map WHEN using

 So there is this:

Shocking? Does / Can anything shock us anymore?

You might wonder how on earth this is legal. How can big brother get to my phone location records?

  • If you use a cell phone and you havre "opted" into location tracking on an app, this is perfectly legal. The fine print says that these apps will "track your location to give you more accurate results". It also says, somewhere in there, the app can use this location data anyway they want. And many of them want to sell it to the government for money.

How can I change this?

  • Go onto your phone, check SETTINGs, then go to LOCATION SERVICES. You can turn off ALL use at this level. If you still want to use it while using certain apps - they will all be listed here. You can turn off or on by app. There is also a setting of WHILE USING, which I still use for maps and my restaurant finder when I am using it.

Why would I change it if I am not doing anything wrong?

  1. Not doing anything wrong may change. Take abortion. It a woman leaving locations services on (even in maps) while driving from Dallas Texas to the closest Abortion clinic in New Mexico would ping there and back. This tracking can also be used to see how long you are there. So a woman's phone could ping on the 10 hour trip there, then for 2 hours at the climic and maybe or maybe not a night at a hotel and back. And with AI, this is not hard. With Quantum computers (coming out) it is fantastically easy and quick.
  2. Your location might put you somewhere you didn't expect to be. Maybe during down a street because you're lost, but you stop to ask directions where a robbery or drug transaction is happening.
  3. It can be used by unscrupulous politicians. Say one wanted to keep tabs on their partner. Or on people he didn't like.

So, fun right?

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