Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Romney is Right

Mitt Romney is right. Wow, I didn't want to say that, but there it is. Mitt Romeny is talking about the asinine strategy more than a few Democrats are doing. 

These Democrats, and often the party apparatus, is putting money in to support the crazy right wing Republicans win their primary over slightly less crazy Republicans.

The idea is that crazy Republicans will be easier to beat in the general election. This is based on some history when Republicans in the past did nominated idiots and they lost. But this is not a great strategy in the chance that, even a few of them, win.

They are putting money into election deniers, absolutist abortion foes and your general Qanon nuts. And they are putting a hand on the scale (as opposed to say Georgia Republicans who nominated Herschel nut-case all by themselves.

Don't play with matches dopes.

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