Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Staying in old Communist Housing

 In many ways, Skopje stock of housing is still very communist (the locals actually call them "commies" so it isn't offensive). Having stayed in this type of housing in Croatia and Bosnia (Sarajevo) a lot, they don't freak me out anymore. But they would most people the first time.

I am on the top floor of a 7 story building. Now to get up, the elevator works well. And yes, my boss Jen was stuck in one of these type of elevators in Sarajevo for 3 hours, so I know I am taking my life into my hands. But it works fine - up.

But the elevator won't take you down. Press down on floor 7 and the elevator stops on floor 6. Press down on floor 6, and the elevator stops on 7. So fine, I take the stairs. But the stairs in these buildings are very very odd. 

Here is the stairwell. And they are in the middle of the building, so they are always dark. On each floor, there is a rocker switch that turns on the lights for a while. Usually long enough to go down 2 flights. But, sometimes they just switch off and leave you to stumble down in the dark until the next floor.

Like I said, I am pretty used to it, but it would freak a lot of people out!

Also, they appear to have gotten a deal on institutional green paint.

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