Friday, July 29, 2022

A cool art exhibit in a VERY cool space.

 So this building is an old Turkish Bath, the Duet Pasha Hammam (Hammam is a Turkish bath complex). It is from the 1400s and in 1948 it was turned into the National Art Gallery. Check out some of the pictures of the art, with the old walls and roofs (with an open ceiling to let out hot air).

I saw the art, and expected ... meh. I was wrong. It is featuring a bunch of work by Dimitar Kondovski. He was a Macedonia Painter who changed his style over time. It was really cool. I will post some pictures below. Particularly interesting are his self-portraits over time (as his style changed). 


Middle Age "In the style of the Spanish"

19602 Dimitar

He also did a lot of Byzantine / Mosque modern art and in this setting it was perfect. Pictures of the Hammam walls, roof with art.

These are pictures of Byzantine Art, and cool abstract Mosque picture (see how the image mirrors the roof) and St. John the Baptist - although I would NOT let that guy dunk me!).

I loved how he reinvents the tryptic here in paint and mixed media

John the Baptist here is scary in gold leave and tempura

Past the jump are more that I could not show, but probably annoying over the net.

So many different styles

His own youth vs aged in self portraits.

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