Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Transformation of Skopje to the "Capital of Kitsch"

Skopje is full of Brutalist Modern buildings. They were put up by the world community after the earthquake in 1963. Rebuilding was overseen by a Japanese Architect which is why the Brutalism has an different look. 

But since independence, a rather odd Prime Minister has been working hard to change the image.  Unfortunately, his image is more faux Greek. Read on for some weirdness. MY tour guide called Skopje the Capital of Kitsch.

Two of the great brutalist buildings (to me) were the old Telecoms building and the Post Office. Here are my pictures. But read on afterwards. (All images are expandable)

This is the Post Office. It is cool, I think.

Another view of the Post Office, with the Telecommunications building in the background.

The Telecoms building now. It has been purposefully hidden by newer buildings. The Prime Minister was kind of ashamed of it.

Side view, again trying to hide it.

The Telecoms building and the (faux Greek) court building.

Now this is where it gets odd as hell. Originally the court building was a rather cool, modernist building with a green fa├žade. But the Prime Minister actually had it converted into this Greek Temple thingy.

But not rebuilt. Instead they just covered it in sheet rock and painted it. And the sheet rock leaks and parts fall off every now and then.

Don't believe me? Look at this image. Ignore the Telecoms building, but look to see how the Greek Temple
was converted from a rather nice modern building.

Yes, that is literally the same building, mid "renovation". The image below is the only one I could find where the building was pre-renovation.

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