Monday, July 25, 2022

Some Odd Macedonian Things

 This is kind of a random grab bag of things at are really odd in Macedonia.

There are 4 pedestrian bridges over the central river (the Varda). Between bridges number 1 and 2, and again between 3 and 4 are Pirate boats that have been turned into restaurants. This is normal, you say, happens in lots of cities. Which is true. But each of these can't get under the bridges. AND, the Varda is not deep enough for boats at all. Weird.

The city is full of statues. The locals think it odd as hell. I guess some it started during the Ottoman Empire, but since the fall of Yugoslavia they have shown up all over the place. Below are some cool, some odd and one I like.

This is a monument to mothers. I didn't include the breastfeeding on, because it is opposite of the pregnant lady. Come on, that is just a little odd.

This is a curious mishmash. On the pillar in the way back, stands an angel holding a laurel wreath. And in the front is an athlete holding what looks like an Olympic torch. But::

First Macedonia has never hosted the Olympics. But Sarajevo did when it was all part of Yugoslavia. But this was put up after Yugoslavia broke up. And, even if they did host once (and again, they did not) why put a an arch of random horses in between.

Next to the kind of Olympic thing is a bunch of members of  Parliament. Is it the adoption of Communism from the 40's? Is it the new Macedonia government voting to be independent? Judges in the Miss Macedonia contest? I don't know. Mainly because the explanations are in Cyrlic and not all that descriptive anyway. A few have English and the still make no sense.

This one is random, but it helps me remember what street my apartment is on.

This one is beautiful. I was pretty sure it was communist, UNTIL I realized they were wearing cargo pants. I really don't care though, I think it is cool.

Finally, this is Mother Terresa. Sure she is Albania heritage, but she was born in Macedonia, and they are pushing it. It is outside her museum, which is pretty cool. Below...

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