Sunday, July 24, 2022

Skopje, (north) Macedonia

 Well, I arrived. That might not sound like an accomplishment, but you didn't have to do it. Friday around noon, I found out my flight was going to be 3 hours late. I would miss my connections. After some investigation I found I could fly directly to Warsaw from JFK (I was originally out of Newark) and make everything even though I would leave later.

LOT did not want to do that. I had two people that said no, but I am nothing if not perseverant when I have a trip. So I called again and a woman did it for me. I flew Premium Economy rather than business, but I got here.

This is the state of The Warrior. It is obviously Alexander the Great, but they can't say that becaue of Greece. As you can see, the square was empty on a Saturday. I was a bit worried then entire city would be empty. And it was about 103.

After a nap and settling in (and a shower) I went out about 7PM, and the square was getting busier, so I took and wander and ate some dinner. 

I discovered that the city has many MANY statues. It must be a thing since the fall of Yugoslavia, and they are everywhere. You'll see a lot in pictures with statues in them while I am here.

The "old" building above is a museum (it is new not old) is the Archeological Museum. across the Vardar river. Which is quite low. I didn't understand the statue on this side, but... whatevs.

The foot bridge from right of the main square is called the "Bridge of Civilization" and has statues of famous world people along it. I don't know why. But interesting.

After dinner, it was about 10PM, and now the square was full of families, singles and dates. You can see the people. Much more fun at night. just to the left of the statue column is a sign the says something starting with what looks like a CKOIIKO - albeit in Cyrillic. I am in the building where the sign is. But I have an interior facing apartment that has air conditioning. It's not great - Ed would melt - but it is fine for me.

It is an interesting place. 

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