Tuesday, July 19, 2022

England is not built for heat

For an hour or two this morning (EDT), a town only 16 miles from Lisa's new house was the hottest place in the United Kingdom since ... ever. (The record has since been broken). It was 102.4 (39.1˚c) there! It was broken a few hours later by a temp of 104.4 (40.2˚c). It has never been above 40C before in England. And, so far, 3 other places have recorded temp of 40˚c degrees. And it isn't even 3PM when this was reported.

The UK is not built for heat like this. They don't have air-conditioners (weren't needed before). And their homes are built to keep heat in - in the winter , and not keep the heat out.

Forget frying eggs on payment. England is frying runways. Including those of the largest of the Royal Air Force base.

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