Thursday, June 23, 2022

Things American miss in Climate Change

When we Americans think about Climate Change, if we think about Climate Change, we tend to look at it as an American problem. True, one that Brazil is making worse with deforestation, but still only as it relates to us. 

But it is a world-wide problem and getting worse everywhere else, just like here. Yesterday I wrote about deathly heat. But today let's look at China's problems, which look much like ours with a shitload of pollution added in.

China is reeling from massive floods in the south and withering heat in the north. China is just about the size of the United States and, like us, has many different temperature zones. And, like us, they can have different, deadly weather events occur a the same time.

There is no reason to gloat about this happening to another country. Because it is not really happening to "another country" it is happening to actual people. The floods have displaced half a million people. That is very very bad.

So when one says we need a world-wide solution, it isn't because we want to lead the world, it is because the effects are world-wide.

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