Thursday, June 23, 2022

Supreme Court: "No, you cannot restrict handguns anywhere"

AKA The "Fuck you New York, California and Hawaii" decision

The Supreme Court once again handed down a decision that confirms crazy gun loving, women hating nut jobs have taken over the country. Our Supreme Court now requires (not suggests) that New York cannot decline a handgun concealed carry permit in New York for anyone that wants one. Up intil today, the rule in New York is that needed a reason to get a permit.

This ruling will effect similar laws in California, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Surprisingly, all blue states (sarcasm). It also effects cities and counties that have passed laws after mass shootings.

In oral arguments over this, one Justice said "people are scared on the subway, they should be able to carry weapons if they want." Just what we need; crazy people are already on the subway, now they can carry guns!

 Here is how CNN described the issue BEFORE the ruling came down.

Second Amendment

As the country grapples with gun violence, the justices will decide how broadly they want to rule in a case that could open up a new chapter in constitutional challenges to gun safety laws.

After oral arguments last year, it seemed the conservatives were ready to strike down a New York law – enacted more than a century ago – that places restrictions on carrying a concealed weapon outside the home. Supporters of gun rights have been pushing the court to clarify the scope of the Second Amendment for years. The effort has been led by Thomas, who in the past called the Second Amendment a “disfavored right in this court.”

But the entire landscape of the debate has shifted in recent months. Since the justices began deliberating, mass shootings have occurred across the country including a Texas massacre of 19 schoolchildren in Texas. While the shootings did not directly implicate the issue of concealed carry, the country as a whole is now debating gun safety laws.

On top of abortion and gun rights, the court is also considering cases that could allow more religion in public life.

In case you're keeping score at home the Supremes do not support gun safety. Even if the is question is WHY the person needs a concealed handgun weapon. Now you don't have to prover you need a concealed carry permit. It is enough to prove you just really really want one.

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