Thursday, June 23, 2022

Herschel Herschel Herschel

The myth, the man, the mindless - Herschel Walker is presented to you as your (very probable) next Senator from Georgia. When we last left young Herschel,  he was busy lying about his business success, his educational success and his disregard for the multiple assault charges against his. 

If you recall, he explained / excused his assault charges because he has multiple personalities and one of them did it.

Now he is.. whew.. claiming that his multiple personalities, far from being a problem, are like Jesus. Let's go to the tape.

In this old recording, Georgia senate candidate Herschel Walker can be heard claiming that his multiple personality condition is not a disorder, because Jesus also had multiple personalities. "Do our Lord Jesus Christ have a mental illness because he said he's the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? To me, those are 3 different personalities."

Okay, I may not be the most religiously aware person, but even I know that Jesus did not have, nor proclaim to have, 3 distinction personalities. Now, he did grow up in a Southern Baptist family, so maybe they think God has D.I.D. - Disassociated Identity Disorder - like he does. But as much shit as I have heard from the Southern Baptist lately (they hate fags, CRT and blacks - right now in that order) I have not heard they think god has a mental disorder.

Herschel is also having a bit of a problem with one issue that really should bite him in the ass. Mr. Walker has been on record multiple times invoking that men (in particular black men) need to step up and take care of their families. They need to be part of their child's lives.

Well, last week it was released that Herschel has had a child by a woman (not his wife). He immediately did damage control by saying, sure he has a kid he never acknowledge and doesn't stay in touch with, but he pays child support. Recoverable.

After that it was found he has two MORE children (by different women - again - not his wife). This makes 75% of the 3 children he has life with an absent father. (Surprisingly, none of this bugs Evangelical Christians).

But wait, there's more. If you order 3 unwed children, we will throw in a stupid as hell comment for free. Here is his comment about the black woman running for Governor of Georgia (someone he is NOT running against). 

Before you read his answer, let me remind my non-American friends that there are 50 states. There  have been 50 states since 1959 - 63 years! That is more than Herschel's entire life. And yet, he seems confused about this.

Ladies and Germs, your next Senator from the great state of Georgia - assuming they elect the Republican.

But Trumpie loves him! Their relationship goes back to a defunct football league and the defunct team that Trumpie owned which paid him excessively.

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