Thursday, June 23, 2022

Supreme Court Decides Constitution is Unconstitutional

 Let us, for a moment, look at Constitution's First Amendment.

Since the US Government was created over 200 years ago (a long time for Americans), we the people have lived under the 1st Amendment. In particular, for this post, is the highlighted section regarding Freedom of and from Religion. 

It has meant that the US Government, by design, cannot favor any one religion over another. This has also meant the the US Government must not fund religious activities or schools - per the 200 years of our history. Although we cannot fund religion, we have also created a crave out where religions do not have to PAY taxes or "tithe" to the government.

Tuesday's decision in a case overturned the 200 years of precedent. Again, the Constitutional Amendment was found unConstitutional and was overturned by our "conservative" Supreme Court. 

The case in question is relatively benign. In very rural upstate Maine, families that live too far from rural schools are paid to go to a private school. Since the implementation of this policy, the state has not paid tuition for Religious Schools. They even have an option to pay for Religious schools IF they have a secular education.

But the Supreme Court decided (somehow) that Maine must pay for religions schools too. This changes 200 years of decisions. And it starts preferring religions over others. For example, the state does not have to fund a fundamentalist Muslim school, but does a Christian / Catholic one. That means that literally the taxpayers in Maine are paying for schooling that teaches I am going to hell, and so denying me basic rights is perfectly fine. It says that shunning people for divorced parents, IN SCHOOL, is now legal.

This from the Court that insists (at least until someone sues them) prayer in school is illegal. Now, not only is it legal, we have to pay for it. This is not a precedent only for Maine. Nearly every state has some sort of voucher system where kids can attend semi-private schools with state funds. Up until now, the funds could not go to a religious school (again, the Government can not could not fund religion or religious institutions). With this decision religious schools can now demand public funds.

I got no funny story about this. Our tax dollars are going to pay for this (Maine is one of the states that gets more federal money than they pay in, so the country subsidizes this).

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