Wednesday, April 6, 2022

United Nations : Dissolution or Ineffectual Window Dressing?

In a post on March 4th, I discussed how the League of Nations (the pre-wWII predecessor to the United Nations) collapsed as countries first ignored resolutions coming out of it, then left the organization. I postulated then that inaction in the current situation could break the UN. In fact, here is my quote from then.

If the world (and the UN) do not act here, then the UN is sending the same message to others that the League sent to the world, "We are useless in the face of authoritarian power, if a member nation uses it." 

I reiterate that now. President of Ukraine Zelenskyy has repeated this line of thought at the UN for the past 3 days.

As the proof of genocide and widespread murders of civilians - long after the fighting is over - continues to be unearthed, with bother with the UN? Seriously. It accomplishes a lot in terms of humanitarian support, but let's change the mission to that. Or let's change our hopes for anything more.

I loath saying this, but I loath thinking it even more. We are swinging back to war as a means of power politics, and the US is often guilty of this as well, then let's get rid of the facade of international cooperation.

And I mean the US is guilty of using the military to achieve politic objectives (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya) the US is NOT guilty of widespread carnage as a power play. There is no equivalence meant to the horrors and war crimes of the Ukraine conflict inflicted by Russia. 

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