Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Covid and Broadway and Scott's Issue

I did post earlier that part of my frustration with Broadway lately has little to do with the stage or players. It is the constant Covid changes, cancellations and replacements. I shall give you two examples - the first of which announced today:

1. Plaza Suite

This has already opened, but now Mathew Broderick is out until April 15th with Covid. Suzanne and her family (2 sisters and mother) are coming the very next day for the week-end from Wisconsin. They have already purchased tickets for this show, based on the stars.

I don't blame the production, but it is infuriating. Right now Sarah Jessica Parker is covid free, but teh family didn't pay Broadway Prices for understudies. If Suzanne and all knew this, they might have purchased different shows. And, no tickets are not refundable or changeable for the shows that go on with understudies.


2. Macbeth with Daniel Craig

Macbeth is now canceled through April 9th. I have tickets for April 12. Macbeth is refunding purchased tickets because it is sold out for the rest of it's very limited run. Since many other working actors have TV shows or movies to get back to, it cannot extend. So, if it somehow has to delay opening for the following 3 performances, I will not get to see it.

I won't be able to reschedule - sold out.

It is frustrating, not to be hyperbolic about it. But when it happens repeatedly, it gets so frustrating you stop planning and going.

So far my matinee performance of The Minutes is still a go (note from the poster, Armie Hammer has already dropped out - not due to Covid).

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