Friday, March 4, 2022

A Unwelcome Reminder of History

 I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but history is quietly repeating itself in the worse way. Lots of people and commentators will gladly tell you that this invasion is biggest war in Europe since World War II. 

But commentators ae missing the forest for the trees. Often because spotting the forest seems minor as the trees are on fire. But let us for a moment step back from the immediate Russia / Ukraine crisis and look at this action historically. 

In 1935, two years before WWII, the League of Nations - the predecessor to the United Nations - was faced with a problem. Italy was a permanent member of the League Council which was like the UN's Security Council. In 1935 Italy invaded another founding member, Abyssinia now known as Ethiopia.

Like Russia entering Ukraine, Ethiopia proved a much harder war for Italy than planned. Ethiopia fought back until the invading country (Italy) had to send a lot more forces. The League of Nations was helpless to do anything to stop it - and Ethiopia finally fell.

The second death knell for the League of Nations was just a few years later when Japan invaded China and set up the client state of Manchukuo where Manchuria had been before. Not to put the obvious in place, but as the League proved futile in stopping war, its stated purpose, powers ignored it.

If the world (and the UN) do not act here, then the UN is sending the same message to others that the League sent to the world, "We are useless in the face of authoritarian power, if a member nation uses it." 

And the historical invasion of Manchukuo will be replicated by China invading Taiwan.

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