Thursday, April 7, 2022

New Judge on Supreme Court

 Ketanji Brown Jackson was just confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. The Republicans have tried to paint here as soft on crime, terrorists and pedophiles. This is because she actually worked as a Public Defender for years - and was assigned various cases which she legally had to take (yes kids, she follows the law!). These cases were out of DC, so yes, she had to defend the terrorists. And no, despite smears to the contrary, she never accused the US of War Crimes.

Her approval to the court is great news because she will be the first Justice that acted as a Public Defender in many decades. She will bring a different viewpoint to the court. One of her uncles was the Chief of Police for Miami. And so her background is diverse and she brings both of these sides of herself to the Supreme Court.

Three Republican Senators voted to confirm here. Interestingly, earlier when nominated for the Appellate Court, Lindsey Graham voted for her, While in these hearings, Senator Graham stormed out of the hearings accusing her of .. i don't know something stupid.

Her confirmation hearings were exercises in smearing, grandstanding and theatricality. That is not unusual now. The same actions, smearing, grandstand and all, were present in Bret Kavanaugh's hearings as well, that time by the Democrats. It is a function of overt political partisanship in Supreme Court nominations. For non-Americans, Supreme Court nominations in our country are for life. That is not true in almost any other nation.

That used to be a reason to appoint learned judges to the court and they would be independent. It is now a case of putting very young and political judges that will rule years after that President is gone. FYI because of a fluke, President Trump got to appoint 3 of the 9 Justices.

Since they are appointed for life, some judges change positions over time. In answer to this, Presidents try to ensure their views will be faithfully represented forever.

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  1. yay! Now if justice Thomas will resign we might get a balance on the court.


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