Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Minutes were GREAT.

Last night I saw a show that was not cancelled, not delayed and had no substitutions due to Covid (a first in the past 3 months). And it was great.

It is called "The Minutes" and follows a new City Council member trying to understand the city. The new member is played by Noah Reid. If you ever watched "Schitt's Creek", he was David's boyfriend - which is played wonderfully. He is married to a woman and so, he is straight, But played the role of Patrick for over 3 seasons, I never questioned his acting.

Noah Reid has acted a fair amount, but is also a singer with a nomination for best song at the Canadian version of the Academy Awards. He took over Armie Hammer's role when Armie had to drop out (that whole cannibalism thing). Now I love Armie's acting. If you haven't seen the movie Man From Uncle, watch it. He, Henry Cavil and Hugh Grant are a delight.

Just let me say, that I think Noah is undoubtedly a better fit for the role. Armie is too tall and handsome to play an annoying junior council member that people ignore.

Anyway, the play's first half is a hilarious city council meeting, with all the annoyances, interruptions and tons of laughs you would expect. The last 1/3 takes a swing into serious territory although done perfectly.


Here is a picture of Noah you might recognize more easily.

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