Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Ed Showed me this, it is funny

 If you don't understand, read below. Otherwise, enjoy:

If you have not heard, Madison Cawthorn (who I promised to ignore, but this is funny) went on a conservative talk show and said that people he has admired his entire life (admittedly a short period) in politics have shocked him. Politicians aged 60 and 70 have invited him to orgies. AND he has seen anti-drug politicians doing cocaine in front of him.

This has Republicans freaked because this is their guy saying that. And he hates and never would associate with liberals, communists and pedophiles (as he describes all Democrats). So this is about his Republican colleagues. So they went after him. Being pro-Nazi, pro-Putin and calling the President of Ukraine a "violent thug", brought no condemnation, but Republicans are tripping over their Don't Say Gay bills to pull the plug on this. Going so far as to support his challengers in the primary!

Enjoy the karma while it lasts.

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